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by By Asa Pogrelis

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It’s the end of a busy day at your veterinary practice. The last clients have left, the floors are mopped, and the front doors are locked. All that’s left to do now is close your books.

Wait — you still have to close your books? Let’s hope everything is correct, otherwise you probably won’t be headed home for another hour or so. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

While payment processing might not be something you constantly think about, it is something that affects you, your team, your practice, and your clients every day. A great payment processor should make your life easier and help you get home in time for dinner. To create a seamless experience for everyone, your veterinary practice should look for a payment processor with these key features.

Payment processing built specifically for veterinary practices

Your business is unique, so why settle for a payment processing solution that wasn’t built with your unique needs in mind? Since day one, Vetsource has focused on helping veterinary practices provide better care, improve their businesses, and simplify team tasks.

While working to help veterinary practices over the years, we’ve noticed many payment processing inefficiencies. That’s because the payment processing options used by veterinary practices were created for different professions — not veterinary medicine. These options are typically either:

  • Older and antiquated, often not providing practices the ability to offer modern, flexible payment options.
  • Newer or updated, but they charge high or complex rates and hidden fees, and they weren’t built with the workflows of veterinary practices in mind.

After several years of research and more than two years of development, we launched Vetsource Payment Processing, built specifically to meet the unique needs of veterinary practices and their clients.

Saves your team time and reduces accounting errors

The easy-to-use interface of Vetsource’s Payment Processing service drives efficiency through more error-proof methods than practices have today. This makes it easier to train customer service representatives and allows teams to focus on their relationships with pet parents rather than the financial transaction. At the conclusion of a visit, your staff can collect payment immediately with one click, even from the exam room, thanks to mobile and fixed terminals.

In addition to reducing transaction errors, our simple accounting process allows you to save time closing your books each day and quickly ensure there are no payment discrepancies. When a discrepancy does occur, your end-of-day reconciliation report reveals payment mismatches, allowing you to easily uncover and resolve errors.

Offers flexible payment options for clients

Checking out at the veterinary practice can be stressful for pet owners. Vetsource’s solution reduces that stress and provides clients with modern and convenient payment options, including credit, debit, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, so they can pay in the way that works best for them.

With Vetsource Payment Processing, clients can use the pay-by-link feature from the exam room or their car. While this is convenient for them, it also cuts down the queue of pet owners in your lobby during surgery and dental discharge times while appointments continue in the late afternoon.

When needed, pet owners can also split a payment over more than one card or payment type with ease.

Eliminates the middleman, saving you money

Hidden fees, complex invoices, and opaque accounting processes likely mean you’re paying more for payment processing than you realize.

Because Vetsource went through the difficult process to become a payment facilitator, we’re able to offer more competitive and transparent rates and eliminate the hidden fees that are often associated with processing payments through unnecessary third parties.

With Vetsource, most practices can save up to 0.5 to 2% on payment processing fees, and our transparent pricing means you’ll see exactly what you’re paying for each transaction.

Reduces the line in your lobby and makes checkout a breeze

Thanks to mobile and fixed terminals, Vetsource Payment Processing allows you to check clients out before they leave the exam room, eliminating a multi-step checkout process and freeing up your front desk team to check in new clients and handle other tasks.

Plus, the pay-by-link feature means clients can pay from home or work — or your parking lot — before they pick up their pet after a procedure.

Simplifies vendor relationships and offers dedicated support

Life is complicated. Why make it harder by working with so many different vendors? With Vetsource, you’ve got one company you can trust with your prescription management, client engagement, data and insights, and payment processing needs.

And Vetsource provides dedicated support from veterinary experts who understand the industry and are committed to helping your practice thrive. Your assigned payment representative will guide you through onboarding and monitor your success, and they’ll be your direct point of contact.

If your current payment processor isn’t exceeding your expectations, perhaps it’s time to consider a new option — one that checks all the boxes for veterinary practices, their teams, and their clients. Let’s chat about how Vetsource Payment Processing can help you.

Asa Pogrelis

Asa Pogrelis

Asa Pogrelis has more than 25 years of animal health industry experience, including veterinary sales, marketing, and commercial strategy. Asa received his BS in animal science from the University of Georgia and began his career working as a vet tech, before joining Hill's for over seven years. He's been with Vetsource for over 10 years and currently serves as chief of staff. He has two golden retrievers who frequently join him at the office.

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