Shipping carriers nationwide are expecting record demand for home delivery this holiday season. View our tips for veterinarians to help clients avoid gaps in their pets’ treatment.

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At Vetsource, we’re committed to providing the tools that veterinarians need to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape. And we’re just as committed to creating a supportive, inclusive, and rewarding environment for employees to thrive in.

Our employees are passionate about pets of all kinds and are dedicated to supporting veterinary professionals and pet and horse owners.

In addition to competitive pay and benefits, we also offer:

  • •   A dog-friendly work environment
  • •  Flexible scheduling, including remote work where possible
  • •   Professional development opportunities, including pharmacy technician training

Our Focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We know that we do our best work when we have an inclusive and diverse team, where we can draw on our different life experiences to help us deliver innovative solutions for our customers. We’re focused on fostering a thriving company culture and building an inclusive and welcoming workplace.

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee includes employees across a variety of locations and positions, with the full and active support of our senior leadership team. They work together to advise, drive, and evaluate initiatives that support the DEI Committee mission statement.

In addition to serving on the DEI Committee, employees can also get involved in life at Vetsource in other ways, including committees focused on events, pets at work, and wellness.

Core Values

Our core values guide the work we do and the decisions we make, every day. They are the bedrock of our company culture — helping us do great work while having fun, building connections, and providing opportunities for growth.

icon - outline of a person with a superhero cape

Do the right thing,
every time.

Even when it is difficult or appears to not be in the best short-term interest of you or the company

Sleep well at night 

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Get it done.

Making progress every day toward our goals

“It” means making sure we are working on the right things

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Treat others how they want to be treated.

No jerks allowed

Even when there is conflict, be respectful

icon - outline of a person with arms raised in a victorious pose, with a banner in front of them as if crossing a finish line

Work hard, have fun!

While everything we do won’t always be fun, we need to embrace an attitude of enjoying what we do

Don’t take yourself too seriously

icon - outline of a turned on light bulb, the right half of the bulb is a brain

Embrace change, be innovative.

There is no status quo. If we’re not moving forward, we are moving backwards

Everyone has a role in making us better


Open Positions

With locations in Portland, Oregon, Tulsa, Denver, and Harrisburg (as well as remote staff), and customers in every state, Vetsource is a growing company.

Search for open positions in engineering, pharmacy, sales, and more.

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