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Balancing emails, appointments, and your online presence can be overwhelming. ChatGPT, an AI (artificial intelligence) language tool, could help ease the burden of some of your administrative tasks. While ChatGPT can’t quite compete with a human writer, it can still provide valuable assistance and is a great tool to take advantage of. With quick and human-like responses, ChatGPT can help your staff save time and effort. Here are just a few ways you can take advantage of AI in veterinary medicine.


Writing emails can be time consuming and repetitive. Most likely, your clients ask similar questions with similar answers. Have ChatGPT put together email templates to send to clients. Consider frequently asked questions from current and potential clients, then ask ChatGPT to give you an email template to use.

For example, if clients ask about grooming services, you could tell ChatGPT, “Create an email template telling clients about what grooming services we offer. Include our hours and the following services.” Then add your hours, your grooming services, and anything else that you’d like ChatGPT to include.

Once you’ve tailored these templates for your practice and saved them, your team can access them at any time, making client communication easier than ever. Also, whenever you send a template to a client, it’s important to personalize and adjust it to include any additional information the client may have requested.

Social media

Struggling to post consistently on social media? With ChatGPT, you can create engaging social content just by entering a topic.

Simply give ChatGPT a topic and ask for a related social media post. Some topics you might consider are regular wellness checks, the importance of preventatives, or pet holidays. If it’s National Pet Dental Health Month, for example, you can tell ChatGPT, “Create a social media post recognizing National Pet Dental Health Month. Include why dental health is important to maintain in pets.” When you get responses back, be sure to fact check them.

You can also use ChatGPT to help plan a social media strategy. Try asking it for topic ideas or to draft a monthly posting schedule.

Blog posts

Blogs can help establish your practice as a reliable source of pet health education, but writing them can be time consuming. Use ChatGPT for brainstorming topics, drafting outlines, or getting over writer’s block.

When writing about medical topics, it is extremely important to edit and rewrite ChatGPT’s responses as necessary. It does not fact check, and it’s been known to give false information. But by using it as a tool and keeping a professional eye on the content, you can speed up your writing process.

Things to keep in mind

While ChatGPT can give you detailed and impressive responses, it’s important to recognize what it can’t do.

  • Does not have medical expertise — You still need a veterinary professional to look over any content generated by ChatGPT for inaccuracies.
  • Relies on you for input — ChatGPT’s responses rely on instructions from the person using it. Keep your prompts straightforward. Providing some details can help ChatGPT give you the response you’re looking for.
  • Does not fact check — There is no fact checker included with ChatGPT. It may give you false information, or even make up sources. Always check the sources and verify any facts.

ChatGPT has its advantages, but it is still relatively new technology and it is not a replacement for a human. But despite its drawbacks, ChatGPT is still an invaluable digital tool that can streamline your tasks and boost client engagement. Whether you need to create emails, social media content, blog posts, or other written material, ChatGPT can speed up the content creation process and help your staff save time and effort.

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