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Gain powerful practice insights with veterinary data solutions

With automated veterinary reporting, you can easily monitor your practice’s business performance and make confident, data-driven decisions that fuel growth.

Built by veterinary data experts for busy veterinary professionals

The Vetsource Data & Insights solution (formerly VetSuccess) provides veterinary professionals with business performance reports, daily dashboards, data management services, and automated marketing programs.

  • Harness the power of your data
    Intuitive analytics featuring trendlines and benchmarks allow you to easily gain a deeper understanding of business performance, uncover actionable insights, and make confident decisions that improve day-to-day operations.

  • Save time and gain insights
    With Vetsource, veterinary practices can spend less time pulling data and more time implementing data-driven strategies for success.

  • Secure enterprise data solutions for veterinary corporate groups
    Imagine having consistent metrics across your entire enterprise without having to change systems. Vetsource provides custom solutions to solve your group’s most complex data challenges.

Business intelligence to drive practice growth

Our data-driven solutions help veterinary practices be more efficient, focused, and successful.

Reports and Dashboards

Reports and dashboards

Gain a clear, visual picture of the health of your practice, plus rich actionable insights and practice benchmarks, with our business management solutions.

Retriever Email Program

RETRIEVER email program

Effortlessly bring back lapsing patients, boost preventative care, and increase overall revenue with the RETRIEVER™ automated email marketing solution.

Veterinary Group Solutions

Veterinary group solutions

Explore our suite of custom, enterprise business intelligence solutions, including  data normalization, data storage, and data visualization.

Data Integration

Data integration

SyncVet is Vetsource’s secure, accurate, and reliable data integration tool. You can think of it as the data highway that safely allows veterinary business services to run smoothly.

Our process for reliable metrics

We are the best in the industry at understanding and organizing veterinary practice data, which enables us to provide accurate and easy-to-interpret metrics. Here’s how we do it.


    First, we extract your data from your practice management software (PIMS). If you don’t have a data extraction tool on your server already (many practices do for integrated lab services and client communication platforms), one will be installed on your server to provide us with the raw data. We also pull in Vetsource Home Delivery data for Vetsource customers and align purchases at the patient level.


    We are the best in the industry at normalizing veterinary data. It’s the “secret sauce” that powers everything we do.

    With all the various codes across thousands of practices, veterinary practice data can be messy. We’re able to make sense of it by assigning each revenue transaction in your practice management software to the appropriate categories, regardless of what you use for a software system, item code, or description.

    We use machine learning and a team of veterinary professionals to “map” the codes in your software, and we’re able to accurately map millions of codes in seconds.


    We analyze your practice data and present your key practice metrics in a clear, easy-to-understand format.

    We include trendlines so you can track your performance over time, and benchmarks so you can compare yourself against thousands of other practices.


    Each month we send you an email with a link to your reports or dashboards. You can also log in and view your reports or dashboards any time through your dedicated portal. You can then download, save, or print with just one click.

    We integrate with many practice management software systems

    Vetsource’s Practice Overview Report, Compliance Tracker, Daily Dashboards, and RETRIEVER solutions are compatible with many of today’s most popular veterinary practice information management systems (PIMS).

    • 123Pet
    • Advantage
    • AVImark
    • AVImark SQL
    • ClienTrax
    • Cornerstone
    • DVM Manager
    • DVMax for Windows
    • DVMax SQL for Windows
    • ezyVet
    • HippoManager
    • HVMS
    • Infinity (ImproMed)
    • Instinct
    • IntraVet
    • IntraVet SQL
    • NEO
    • Stringsoft
    • Triple Crown (ImproMed Equine)
    • V-Tech Platinum
    • VIA


    Don’t see your favorite software listed? Reach out and let us know.

    Vetsource’s Data & Insights:
    Proven to be crucial to business operations

    “I am VERY impressed with Vetsource reports. Truly, life changing. I already don’t know how I operated this business without them.”

    Sarah Lybolt, CVT, practice manager, North Shore Family Pet Hospital

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