3 things millennials want as employees in a veterinary hospital

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By 2029, millennials will be the largest generation in the workforce with 38 million members.

According to the 2022 Deloitte Millennial Survey, a quarter of millennials (the generation born between 1981 and 1996) would like to leave their jobs within the next two years. Pay, mental health in the workplace concerns, and burnout are the main reasons driving them to leave their jobs. Compared to past generations, millennials prioritize work/life balance, continued growth opportunities, and passion for their profession when they’re looking for new opportunities. 

Understanding millennial values can help you create a positive work environment in your veterinary practice that will keep your staff happy for years to come. 

1. Millennials want to make a difference

The 2023 Deloitte Gen Z and Millennial Survey shows how much emphasis millennials place on making a difference not just in the workplace, but also in their personal lives and the environment. According to the survey, 7 in 10 respondents say they are actively try to minimize their impact on the environment 

In the veterinary industry, it is a given that your employees make a difference in your community – they are helping their communities care for their pets. But how do they know they are making a difference within your veterinary hospital?

Be sure to consistently express how much you value your millennial employees. If they know they’re valued, they’ll see the difference they’re making. Simple phrases like, “Thank you for doing this on such short notice. It helped me a lot!” or “I really appreciate that you took that on!” can go a long way.

Another way you can show millennials how much they value them is through evaluations and feedback. According to an article in the Journal of Business and Psychology, this group craves feedback, coaching, and open communication from their supervisors. Providing employees with this lets them know how much you appreciate their effort and want to see them succeed. 

2. Millennials want opportunities to learn, grow, and advance

This generation wants more than a job that just pays the bills — they want a job that is meaningful, contributes to society, and pushes them to succeed in their goals. According to a Workplace Intelligence survey conducted in partnership with Amazon, 83% of millennial and Gen Z employees say improving skills is a top priority.

Give your millennial employees room to grow by sharing responsibilities and providing opportunities to lead. Consider delegating social media management or managing scheduling. These tasks will provide them with a valuable leadership opportunity and give them a chance to grow in their careers.

3. Millennials want to work in a team environment

Millennials appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with a team. In your veterinary practice, you can create an enjoyable and collaborative work environment while still prioritizing clients and patients. Simple actions like acknowledging how each role contributes to patient care can show how the entire hospital works as a team. 

Try hosting team-building activities — either in or out of the workplace — to create a sense of community and give your team members a chance to get to know each other. If employees feel closer to one another and understand how their role contributes to the goals of the hospital, the environment will naturally become more positive.

As employers, understanding the varying needs of different generations can help you create a positive work environment with loyal staff members. Acknowledging how much millennials value work/life balance, opportunities to grow, passion for what they do, and a team environment can help your practice build a healthy culture that allows every employee to thrive.



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