Why Does My Pet Do That? Vol. 4

dog and cat playing on a blanket

Learn about common pet behaviors and what they mean.

1. Why does my cat bring me gifts?

If you have a cat, she might bring you presents from time to time — probably in the form of a dead bird or a favorite toy. What gives? If she greets you with a toy, she is probably looking for attention. A dead animal could also mean she wants attention, especially if you get her to drop the animal by giving her a treat. Sharing her prey with you could also be her way of showing she cares!

2. Why does my dog eat weird garbage?

Food wrappers, diapers, tissues, cardboard boxes — when it comes to trash, some dogs love it all. Dogs are attracted to garbage for various reasons. They might be enticed by the smell, enjoy chewing on certain items, or need something to tear apart. If your dog grabs garbage out of the trashcan often, invest in a fancy trashcan they can’t get into or move it under the sink.

3. Why do cats like to push things off tables?

You’ve probably seen memes of cats knocking things off tables, or maybe your own cat does it. Cats usually do this to see how an object reacts, like bouncing or breaking. It also provides her with mental stimulation. If your cat does this often, try giving her unbreakable objects to play with. You can also give her a food puzzle during mealtimes for mental stimulation.

4. Why do dogs eat poop?

Whether it’s her own or someone else’s, your dog might eat poop on occasion. It’s called coprophagia, and there are several reasons why dogs do this. A nursing dog may eat her pups’ poop to keep her nesting area clean. Dogs might also eat poop because they want attention, feel ill, have anxiety, or lack stimulation. Talk to a veterinarian if you catch your dog regularly eating poop, especially if she also has other symptoms like lethargy, weight loss, vomiting, or diarrhea.

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