What do vet techs do?

Oct 12, 2022 | Pet Owners

Celebrate National Veterinary Technician Week by learning about the important role vet techs play in keeping our pets healthy.

What is a veterinary technician?

Vet techs handle similar responsibilities as nurses, doctors, and customer service reps. Whether they need to draw blood, maintain equipment, or contact patients, vet techs assist with a variety of duties in a veterinary practice. No matter what task they are completing, these professionals strive to help animals stay healthy.

What is an average day for a vet tech?

The typical day for a vet tech doesn’t quite exist. Since they wear many hats at work, their day-to-day duties can change based on what needs to be done at that moment. They may help with administrative duties, such as taking client phone calls, or work alongside veterinarians during appointments.

Vet techs jump from task to task with ease. Conducting assessments, performing lab work, supervising and training team members, helping diagnose conditions, following up with clients — veterinary technicians do it all. Your vet tech might give your pet a vaccination, and then prep the next patient for surgery. They ensure all patients receive the care they need.

Not only do vet techs perform the necessary duties to help our pets, they also stay by our pets’ sides and help them stay comfortable during appointments. When your pet is getting an x-ray, a vet tech is holding your pet. If your pet needs surgery, you’ll find a vet tech right by them. Vet techs stay with your pet during surgery and make sure they stay safe the entire time. When your pet wakes up, a vet tech is nearby to keep them warm and comfortable.

These responsibilities only touch the surface of what vet techs do for our animals. No matter what duties they are completing, you can be sure it is helping our animals live a happy and healthy life.

Thank your vet tech!

When you take your pet in for their next appointment, remember how much work and dedication it takes to keep your pet happy and healthy. Vet techs are invaluable professionals that commit to long and demanding hours in order to help us take care of our pets. Their passion and love for animals is what motivates them in this challenging role. Don’t forget to thank your vet techs for all of their hard work!

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