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Dec 14, 2022 | Pet Owners

Looking for a present for your furry friend for the holidays? Try one of these gift ideas!

Treat-dispensing toys

Treat-dispensing toys add a delicious spin to traditional toys. Before you give your pet this tasty gift, be sure the dispenser has multiple openings. If there’s only one opening on the toy, it could create suction, leading to your pet’s tongue getting stuck.

It’s important to choose the right size for your pet as well. The toy should never be small enough for your pet to swallow. Always supervise your pet while they are enjoying their treat-filled toys.


Catnip is always a great option for entertaining your indoor cat. It is non-addictive and safe, and it can even be grown from the comfort of your own home. You can give your cat either fresh or dried catnip.

Regardless of which type of catnip you choose, be sure to choose a high-quality option from a trusted supplier. Low-quality catnip can lead to symptoms such as drooling, diarrhea, or trouble eating. Reach out to your veterinarian immediately if your cat displays any of these symptoms. Keep in mind that some cats may show aggression after interacting with catnip.

Food puzzles

Want to entertain your pet while enriching their mind? Consider a food puzzle. You can use the pet food or treats that you already have to make your pet’s meal times more fun and mentally stimulating.

These toys may include moving parts or small components, so take care to supervise your pet while they’re solving their food puzzle.

Dental chews

Give your pet a delicious treat that will also benefit their dental health. Dental chews are a fun way to keep your pet entertained while also decreasing tartar and plaque accumulation. These beneficial chews can create a protective barrier on your pet’s teeth making it difficult for tartar to build up.

When you’re browsing chews for your pet, stick to products approved by the VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council). Make sure to buy the right size treat. Also note that green dental treats can change the color of your pet’s poop! You can also talk to your veterinarian about finding the right dental chews for your pet.

Stuffed toys or ropes

Adorable stuffed toys and ropes can be found everywhere during the holiday season. Be sure to only buy toys that are specifically designated for pets. Children’s stuffed toys can contain dangerous items such as pellets or chemicals that can harm your pet if swallowed.

Supervise your pet when playing with fabric, plush toys, or ropes and be sure to watch out for any rips or tears. If the plush toy rips open, then your pet could accidentally eat the stuffing or a squeaker that may be inside. If you decide on a rope toy instead, be sure to dispose of it when it starts to fall apart. These pieces of rope can be swallowed and can become twisted throughout your pet’s intestine.

Toys to avoid

Certain toys aren’t safe for pets. When shopping for a new toy, be sure to avoid these:

  • Hardest of hard toys
  • Rawhides or pressed chews
  • Long thin strips of anything from yarn to ribbon
  • Toys stuffed with foam
  • Antlers, pig’s ears, or dried cow hooves
  • Toys with small or sharp metal parts such as eyes, pins, springs, or batteries.

Regardless of what kind of toy you decide to give your pet, make sure to always supervise them while they play and take the toy away if they start to destroy it.

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