Enhance Your Pet’s Lifespan

person outside, facing away from the camera and holding a golden retriever puppy over his shoulder

We all want our furry friends to live long, happy lives. Check out these few simple tips to ensure she’s by your side for years to come.

  • 1

    Maintain a healthy weight

    Keeping your dog or cat trim can extend her life and prevent obesity-related diseases, like heart disease, diabetes, and osteoarthritis. There are several methods for assessing whether your pet is underweight, overweight, or falls somewhere in the middle. Consult a veterinarian if you have concerns about your pet’s weight or need nutrition recommendations.

  • 2

    Schedule regular checkups

    Pets are good at hiding illnesses, which is why regular checkups are so important. A thorough exam conducted by a veterinarian can detect preventable diseases and uncover early signs of serious diseases. Your pet’s prognosis is better when an illness is caught and treated early.

  • 3

    Get daily exercise

    Getting in regular workouts improves circulation and strengthens muscles. It also has an added benefit of helping your pet maintain a healthy weight. Take regular walks, go swimming, or try an indoor activity like hide-and-seek or tug of war.

  • 4

    Take a year-round preventative

    Keep your pet pest-free with flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives. Flea infestations, tick-borne illnesses, and heartworm disease lead to a variety of health issues and can even be deadly. Prevention is the best medicine, so be sure to talk with a vet for their recommendation.