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The quality of your communications can have a profound impact on your clients and their relationship with your practice. Your communications can affect their loyalty and trust in your staff, compliance with recommended treatments, or embracing your office’s protocols in times of change.

So how can you ensure you send top-notch, engaging, and professional communications at every touchpoint? Whether you’re a practice manager or a client coordinator answering emails between patient visits, lean on digital tools to get the job done faster, easier, and better than ever.

Veterinary digital tools from partners

The veterinary space is filled with technology providers that offer client communication services to practices. With so many options, you may be unaware of some of the tools at your disposal.

Start by taking inventory of the technology services you currently use. Delve a bit deeper into the additional features available with each. Spending a little time uncovering what is already available to you can save time and effort in the future while helping you fully benefit from the services you invest in.

For example, Vetsource customers have access to numerous communication tools, such as:

  • PetMail®, a complimentary email program that integrates with your practice management software and encourages clients to shop through your online store with sponsored promotions and personalized campaigns.
  • Automated prescription reminder emails with links to products in your online store to help your clients comply with their pet’s treatment plan.
  • A marketing toolkit with ready-to-use communications assets, including social media posts, customizable signage, and pet owner handouts for on-demand usage.
  • An email recommendation tool built in to your prescription management workflow, allowing your staff to quickly send clients a personalized email with product information and a link to purchase the item directly from your online store.

Technology providers are always adding new features to help improve client engagement. By reaching out to your partners, you can learn what tools they have and if they fit your practice’s client communication needs.

User-friendly digital marketing resources

Other digital marketing tools can be used to heighten your communications. These three industry-leading resources can enhance your writing, graphic design, and social media marketing — and save you valuable time.

1. Grammarly, a simple editor add-on

Have you ever written and sent an email to your clients, only to find a typo later? Grammarly is an user-friendly app that edits and analyzes your writing. It will automatically correct misspelled words, detect your tone, and let you know if your message is clear and easy to read. While the app occasionally gets it wrong, it’s still a helpful and efficient way to improve your messaging and enhance your client communications. You can even add it to your smartphone to ensure those on-the-fly social media posts are typo-free.

2., a URL shortening service

Long, clunky links in social media posts can distract your clients from the message or be impossible to share on handouts. With, you can create shorter links that are more user friendly.’s basic services are free, making it an easily accessible tool. Share these easy-to-remember shortened links to your online store on your social media posts or in-practice flyers to raise awareness about ongoing promotions and other pet care topics.

3. Canva, a graphic design tool for non-designers

If you want to create your own social media content but aren’t sure where to start, Canva is a great option. Even if you have no graphic design experience, you can still take advantage of its user-friendly features. It comes with templates to help you create branded, eye-catching images. Using these graphics will elevate your digital presence and capture the attention of your clients.

Level up your client communications with digital tools

Your communications can determine your clients’ loyalty, compliance, and overall bond with your practice. Digital tools can make these client exchanges more effortless and engaging. By leveraging technology from your partners and taking advantage of online resources, you can engage with your clients more effectively.

Are you a Vetsource customer? Reach out to your account representative or email [email protected] to learn more about available resources. We can help you strategize and make the most of available tools to save time and improve the quality of your practice communications.

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