Practice spotlight: Gulf Island Veterinary Clinic

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Dr. Justene Tedder of Gulf Island Veterinary Clinic misses regularly interacting with her clients in the clinic since the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to offer only curbside appointments. But, now she’s enjoying regular engagement with her clients thanks to her app’s 2-Way Chat feature.

With curbside care, Gulf Island Veterinary Clinic was receiving “a ton” of phone calls, and they didn’t have enough staff to answer them all. In response, they implemented 2-Way Chat, and convinced their clients that it was the best, and fastest, way to get in touch with them. Dr. Tedder explained that clients quickly caught on to how effective and efficient the chat feature was — they were getting the exceptional service they wanted and had become accustomed to, just in a different way.

“What I love about the chat versus a live video consult is that I get a transcript,” Dr. Tedder explained. “My medical record is done. It’s great.”

The 2-Way Chat feature has also increased efficiency for Dr. Tedder and her team, and allowed them to help more animals each day.

Watch the video to hear more about how Dr. Tedder and her team have implemented 2-Way Chat in their practice, and what they love about it.

Kelly McElhinney, CVPM

Kelly McElhinney, CVPM

Kelly has been working in the veterinary industry since 1999, with experience in private practice, corporate, specialty and emergency. In 2013, she earned her Certified Veterinary Practice Manager designation and holds an MBA in Human Resources. As a Success Coach at Vetsource, Kelly makes it her mission to help practices exceed their goals, increase client engagement and bridge the gap between veterinarian and pet owner.

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