How to attract and retain top talent in your veterinary practice

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Are you struggling to attract and retain top talent in your veterinary practice? You’re not alone — the veterinary landscape is ever-changing, and practice managers continue to face significant struggles with talent acquisition and retention. Between the pandemic and workers leaving the industry, the demand for talent isn’t showing signs of stopping.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of employment opportunities for veterinarians is expected to increase by 19% from 2021-2031. Data from the AVMA Veterinary Career Center shows that there are more jobs than job seekers in every veterinary employment category, including veterinarians, vet techs or assistants, or other team members.

As the job market grows, it’s more important than ever for practice managers to adapt and implement strategies to attract and retain top talent.

Tune in to the digital transformation of the industry

One way you can stay competitive in the job market is by leaning into the digital transformation of the veterinary space. Keeping up with the latest technology can help you not only improve workflows and patient care, but also attract tech-savvy candidates who are looking for innovative workplaces. Incorporating digital solutions will attract talent while easing your current staff’s workload, leading to less turnover and higher morale.

It can seem overwhelming to keep up with the newest tech, but luckily there are plenty of resources to keep you in the loop. Webinars, conferences, and email newsletters from veterinary publications can help you stay up to date and connect you with others who know exactly what you’re struggling with.

Consider following veterinary professionals online to hear about the latest industry topics. Dr. Andy Roark, a well-known speaker on practice management, has plenty of helpful content on his website, including articles, on-demand training, and a weekly podcast. These resources will give you insight into emerging trends and new technology that can help streamline your workflows and improve patient outcomes.

Tech attracts talent

Both current and prospective staff members can appreciate how technology solutions like telehealth minimizes their daily tasks, giving them more time to focus on doing what they do best — caring for patients.

Implementing telehealth services in your practice can relieve packed schedules and ease staff stress. Telehealth minimizes back and forth communication between staff and clients, giving team members more time to focus on in-clinic care. Freeing up your staff to focus on priority patients will help them effectively manage their tasks and reduce burnout.

Consider partnering with a telehealth company to offer after-hours telehealth services. In today’s competitive job market, candidates will look for practices that don’t require late-night shifts. Delegating some services to telehealth will allow you to offer job seekers a better work-life balance.

An app is another great way to showcase your practice’s offerings. With a veterinary practice app, you can meet tech-savvy candidates’ expectations. Some apps, like Vet2Pet, allow clients to schedule appointments or request refills, so your team can spend less time on the phone. Prospective employees will appreciate modern solutions that increase efficiency and allow them to complete other tasks.

Leveraging technology, such as a prescription management platform, can help your practice run as efficiently as possible and save your team time. These platforms, such as Vetsource Prescription Management, are designed to simplify the prescription process with intuitive online tools, improve order accuracy with a team of specially trained pharmacists, and grow your revenue with a convenient home delivery program.

Your teammates aren’t the only ones who benefit from innovative digital solutions. Clients will enjoy streamlined processes that make it easier to manage their pets’ health. Higher client satisfaction fosters a positive work environment that potential recruits will want to join and current members won’t want to leave.

Cultivate a learning culture

Prioritizing professional development and career growth is another way you can start attracting top talent. Stats from Deloitte Insights show that companies with a strong learning culture have engagement and retention rates that are 30-50% higher than those without. Potential candidates want to join a work culture that values individual goals and provides the opportunities they need to realize them.

You can demonstrate your commitment to employee growth by implementing extensive training programs, offering mentorships, and supporting employees in gaining new qualifications. For example, a CSR might focus on improving customer service skills, learning new software, or deepening knowledge of basic veterinary care to better communicate with clients. Not only will this training help the CSR’s professional growth, it will also enhance your practice’s services.

Professional development initiatives will help your practice stand out to job seekers and existing employees. Prospects are more likely to choose a workplace that offers clear career pathways and plenty of room for growth. Existing employees will welcome learning opportunities that allow them to gain new skills, stay updated on industry advancements, and improve their performance.

Empower your employees

Veterinary professionals’ expectations are evolving — and hiring and retention strategies must evolve as well. With proactive and innovative strategies, veterinary practices can stand out among the rest in the competitive job market.

Embracing the digital transformation of the industry and progressive career development programs can help your practice appeal to both potential and existing employees. Top candidates will be attracted to a workplace that prioritizes high-quality compassionate care for patients and a positive culture for team members. Implementing digital tools and technology can help improve your practice’s operations, leading to higher staff morale, satisfied clients, and healthy patients.

Attracting and retaining talent in the veterinary industry may be a challenge, but practices that empower their team will come out on top. Invest in your employees with digital tools and technologies, like Vetsource Prescription Management, that can improve your practice’s operations and lead to higher staff morale, satisfied clients, and healthy patients.



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