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Pet poop: things to know

Cat, dog, or human — as different as we are, we all have one thing in common: we poop. Pet waste isn’t the most pleasant topic, but we can learn quite a bit from our pet’s...

6 min read

7 things you didn’t know about cats and dogs

Here are 7 things you didn’t know about cats and dogs! Cats are picky eaters — they can starve if they don’t like their food Cats, especially kittens, place a lot of importance...

6 min read

How to modernize your forward-booking program

I remember being introduced to the concept of forward booking in the early 2000’s at a veterinary conference. The idea was to be like the dentist, and rebook the client’s annual...

10 min read

Pet myths: Fact or fiction?

Uncover the truth behind these 3 pet myths! Cats love milk You may have noticed cats drinking milk in kids’ movies and books. But how often have you seen a cat drink milk in real...

4 min read


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