Vetsource Teams Up with LifeLearn to Improve Pet Owner Experience

We’ve partnered with LifeLearn Animal Health to offer a seamless integration between our Home Delivery e-commerce platform and LifeLearn’s WebDVM custom veterinary websites!

Available to practices with a WebDVM website and Vetsource Home Delivery, the integration allows pet owners to easily connect to their veterinarian’s Home Delivery site through a link on WebDVM websites without navigating away from the practice’s website. The integration with LifeLearn, a company that provides customizable online solutions to help veterinary practices grow their business, ensures a one-stop destination for pet owners’ needs.

“We’re excited to partner with LifeLearn, as we share a common goal in ensuring pet owners have a meaningful relationship with their veterinarian beyond visits to the practice.”

Chief Operating Officer
Kurt Green, President and CEO of Vetsource

“By integrating directly into WebDVM websites, we can provide a seamless experience that allows pet owners to shop for products, learn more about their practice’s services, and request an appointment — all in one place.”

Interested in an integrated site? Contact Practice Support to inquire about integrating your site. Or if you’re not already a Vetsource customer, enroll in Home Delivery.