Vetsource Unveils New Brand Reflecting Company’s Growth

November 16, 2022

Following the acquisitions of Vet2Pet and VetSuccess, the new Vetsource brand marks an inclusive start for its expanded portfolio of veterinary business solutions.

Portland, Ore. – November 16, 2022 Vetsource®, a pet health company designed to provide innovative pharmacy, technology and business services to those who care for pets, today launched a new brand identity to signal the official start of three brands coming together as a single, unified portfolio of solutions for the veterinary industry. Already established as a leading provider of innovative prescription management and home delivery services for veterinary practices and pet owners since 2008, Vetsource announced the acquisitions of VetSuccess, a data and analytics provider, and Vet2Pet, a client engagement system, in 2018 and 2019, respectively. Since the acquisitions, the three companies have largely worked together under Vetsource corporate, while still maintaining their separate identities, to allow time to formalize and ease the transition for customers. Information about Vetsource’s client engagement, and data and insights services can be found on Vetsource’s new website at, which received a complete redesign to reflect the company’s rebrand and comprehensive solutions. The Vet2Pet and VetSuccess websites will be automatically redirected to and will support access to customer logins. “Adding client engagement, and data and insights, to the Vetsource portfolio allows us to leverage their combined strength to add greater value for the industry,” said Kurt Green, Vetsource CEO. “Our goal is to foster strong relationships and positive experiences so veterinarians can focus on what they do best – caring for pets.” The product sign-in URLs will remain the same for all three products. The Vet2Pet name will be retained as a product name under Vetsource’s client engagement services. “There will be no disruption of service for any of our customers. They will receive the same support and access to services they always have,” said Green. “When the companies joined, so too did the same innovative and talented team of people their customers know and trust. We’re lucky to now count them as part of the Vetsource family.” VMX attendees can find Vetsource at booth #1230 exhibiting its prescription management, client engagement (formerly Vet2Pet), and data and insights (formerly VetSuccess) solutions for the first time as one united brand.

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About Vetsource

Vetsource provides innovative pharmacy, technology and business services to the pet health industry. At Vetsource, we strive to be the most trusted advocate in a rapidly evolving world and constantly seek new ways to help our customers chart a course for a better, brighter future for pets and those who care for them. Our data-powered platform eliminates complexities and simplifies workflows to help veterinarians, retailers and others in the pet health industry foster engagement, loyalty and positive experiences that ensure strong relationships. Vetsource’s solutions include prescription management, data and insights, and client engagement. Founded in 2008 to help veterinary practices compete in the online marketplace with a home delivery solution, Vetsource is now made up of more than 600 employees and is headquartered in Portland, Ore. Additional offices are located in Colorado, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Toronto, as well pharmacies in multiple locations.
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