Vetsource launches third pet pharmacy to support customer growth

May 29, 2024

A new centrally located pet pharmacy helps meet growing customer demand and supports sustainability efforts.

Portland, Ore., May 29, 2024 — Vetsource®, a leader in pet pharmacy and technology services, began shipping out of its newest pharmacy location last week. Located in Northlake, Texas, near Dallas–Fort Worth, it joins Vetsource’s other two pharmacies in Portland, Ore., and Harrisburg, Pa.

Created as a home delivery service for veterinarians and their clients, Vetsource has been shipping pet medications, therapeutic nutrition and OTC pet products since 2008. “We opened our second pharmacy in Harrisburg a little over two years ago and it is nearing its designed capacity now,” said Adam Schrage, vice president of operations. “Vetsource has seen unprecedented growth in recent years, leading us to establish a third pharmacy location sooner than expected.”

The Dallas–Fort Worth area was chosen as the site for a third pharmacy for its central location and proximity to major transportation hubs, enabling Vetsource to meet growing customer demand and improve shipping times.

“Texas is geographically expansive, which impacts out-of-state shippers by adding an extra day to get packages routed to pet owners who are outside of the hub in Dallas,” Schrage added. “Shipping from in-state allows us to effectively avoid that delay.”

The new pharmacy is led by pharmacist-in-charge Dr. Natalie Patten, who received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. She previously worked in a retail setting and the independent compounding pharmacy community before bringing her expertise to the veterinary space.

The new pharmacy follows the same sustainable packaging practices as the other locations, with recent efforts focused on biodegradable packaging and reducing the carbon footprint. All Vetsource pharmacies bottle medications in vials containing a material that allows them to partially biodegrade. By properly disposing of these vials, they can be downcycled into other products, preventing plastic pollution in landfills and oceans. The pharmacies also use coolers made of recycled denim and manufactured in America to ship temperature-sensitive pet medications.

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