Vetsource Invests in Vet2Pet Platform

February 16, 2019

We have made a significant investment in Vet2Pet, the leading mobile app client engagement platform for veterinary practices. This investment allows us to offer our customers a more robust digital solution that today’s pet owners have come to expect. Combining our Home Delivery program with Vet2Pet’s best-in-class mobile platform will create a powerful pet owner experience.

“We’re excited about integrating Home Delivery into Vet2Pet’s service to help veterinary practices drive deeper engagement with their pet owners. We are especially impressed with their ability to seamlessly integrate our e-commerce offering with their outstanding loyalty program, proven to increase pet owner engagement and compliance.”

Kurt Green

President and CEO of Vetsource

With Vet2Pet’s mobile-friendly platform, veterinary practices can stay connected to their pet owners beyond visits to the practice. Features such as targeted notifications, a loyalty program, and social media integration take the relationship between veterinarian and pet owner to a new level.

“We are excited to partner with Vetsource to create a prescription home delivery experience for pet owners that is powered through their veterinarian’s mobile app,” said Dr. Stacee Santi, founder and CEO of Vet2Pet, which is based in Durango, Colo. “Working with a company like Vetsource that shares our core values means a bright future for our profession!”

We will immediately begin promoting the platform to bring greater value to our Home Delivery customers.

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