Vetsource Introduces Pharmacy Dashboard, Other Significant Product Enhancements to its Prescription Management, Client Engagement, Data and Insights Solution Set

March 7, 2022

Product enhancements launched, including a new Pharmacy Dashboard, as Vetsource continues to provide veterinary practices with the transformational tools they need

PORTLAND, Ore.March 7, 2022 — Vetsource®, a pet health company designed to provide innovative pharmacy, technology and business services to those who care for pets, has announced new and significant product enhancements across its prescription management, client engagement, and data and insights solutions.

Vetsource’s new Pharmacy Dashboard, available to prescription management customers, reveals valuable data and key insights into comprehensive pharmacy sales and compliance, both in-hospital and from the Vetsource Home Delivery platform. The dashboard provides a complete picture of pharmacy performance, allowing practices to identify revenue opportunities and implement strategies to improve patient care. Vetsource has begun notifying eligible customers of the availability of their unique Pharmacy Dashboard.

In addition to the new Pharmacy Dashboard, significant enhancements to the prescription management platform, which helps simplify the tasks veterinarians do every day, include:

Quick Order Refill
Order a refill for a client, eliminating the time spent writing an entirely new script, and gain real-time visibility into product availability.

Duplicate Prescription Alert
Receive notifications of duplicate prescription orders, leading to time efficiencies for staff and minimizing patient safety risks.

Rapid Prescription Renewal
Make changes to any prescription without having to start from scratch, avoid risk of duplication, and ensure accurate recurring shipment setup.

Recent enhancements to the client engagement solution, provided by Vet2Pet, include:

2-Way Texting
Exchange SMS text messages, including photos, videos, and PDF files directly through the Vet2Pet dashboard with clients who have not downloaded their practice’s app.

Email Messaging
Reinforce health service reminders sent via Postcard, SMS text, or app Notification with a message to the pet owner’s inbox.

Post-Visit Surveys
Easily manage a practice’s reputation by automatically sending a customizable survey to pet owners on the day following their visit. The primary purpose of the survey is to obtain a Net Promoter Score (NPS), and includes options to send via push notification, SMS text, or email.

Recent enhancements to the data and insights solution, provided by VetSuccess, include:

Compliance Tracker
Using an interactive monthly report, veterinary practices can track their patient compliance in eight key areas of preventive healthcare and gain insight into whether clients are following their recommendations.

Practice Parasiticide Tracker
Track in-practice parasiticide purchasing trends across thousands of veterinary practices nationwide. This intuitive monthly dashboard provides a window into evolving veterinary trends.

Amidst record-high pet ownership and a surge in demand for pet services, veterinarians cite that increased operating costs, a changing service delivery model, and limited staff time have become critical challenges impacting workflow, revenue, and the ability to provide sufficient care for pets.

“Our goal is to provide veterinary practices with the tools they need to be successful. The Pharmacy Dashboard is a great example of the expansion of our solution set and being able to marry data from in-hospital pharmacy sales with online pharmacy sales to get a holistic view of the total pharmacy,” said Kurt Green, CEO, Vetsource. “These are the types of solutions we are excited to bring more of to the market in the future.”

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