Vetsource Announces Veterinary-Focused Payment Processing Service

February 20, 2023

The innovative and affordable payments processing solution saves time in-clinic, increasing customer satisfaction and value for veterinary practices.

Portland, Ore. – February 20, 2023Vetsource®, a pet health company designed to provide innovative pharmacy, technology and business services to those who care for pets, has announced its new payment processing service, the latest addition to Vetsource’s portfolio of solutions for the veterinary industry, which also includes prescription management, client engagement, and data services.

As the payment facilitator, Vetsource is able to offer competitive rates by eliminating hidden fees, often associated with processing payments, from unnecessary third parties. By gaining the appropriate accreditation to become a payment facilitator, Vetsource is able to deliver innovative payment solutions that remove transaction stress and bring value to veterinary practices.

The new payment processing platform, the first offering of its kind from Vetsource, which currently serves more than 10,000 veterinary practices, will enable veterinary practices to offer modern, convenient and flexible payment methods that have been absent from the veterinary industry until now. These capabilities allow clients to choose to pay in the way that best meets their specific needs. 

In addition to the enhanced experience for pet owners, the solution streamlines the collection of payments and end-of-day reconciliation, resulting in fewer errors, and ultimately saving the practice hours of administrative time every week. 

“Our goal was to take what we know from our 15 years in the veterinary industry and build a service that meets the unique needs of veterinarians and their clients,” said Kurt Green, Vetsource CEO. 

Vetsource’s distinctive solution helps practices avoid unnecessary and crowded reception areas while simplifying payment collection for hospitalized patients through contactless payment options, like text-to-pay, allowing the practice to devote more time caring for patients. Practices can also pull client data in real-time and execute express checkouts, reducing the amount of time spent manually entering data. With a modern and intuitive interface supporting mobile and fixed payment terminals, the payment solution can easily meet the unique needs of individual practices and their preferred workflows.    

“A pain point for many veterinary hospitals is that their current payment systems are clunky and awkward, proving difficult and time-consuming for staff and causing friction for the customer,” said Green. “With the combination of our deep domain knowledge and our prior payments experience, we knew we could solve a unique problem and bring a valuable payments solution to the industry – one that would be affordable, offer better reporting and reconciliation, and have a more modern-usable interface.”

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At Vetsource, we build a brighter future for pets and those who care for them. What started as a home delivery service in 2008 has evolved into a comprehensive digital platform that provides pharmacy, technology, and business services for the pet health industry. Our data-powered solutions — prescription management, payment processing, and data services — eliminate complexities and simplify workflows to help veterinarians, retailers and others in the pet health industry foster engagement, loyalty and positive experiences that ensure strong relationships. With nearly 600 employees, Vetsource is headquartered in Portland, Ore.
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