Strong Data Policies from a Trusted Home Delivery Partner

veterinary professional looking at mobile device

Your practice data helps you and your staff provide a personalized client and patient experience that can’t be matched. This valuable asset has been built up over years of hard work and investment and that’s why it is so critical to protect. Vetsource® is a data partner you can trust — using this data to enhance you and your clients’ home delivery experience while keeping the ownership firmly in your hands.

Access to practice data allows Vetsource to provide an enhanced home delivery experience for practice staff and clients. The sharing of patient and client records means a more streamlined workflow for your staff and a more convenient experience for clients from in-practice to online.

We work hard to ensure that veterinary practices can feel secure in sharing this valuable asset with us. That’s why our commitment to protecting practice data is simple:

  1. Your clients are your clients, not ours. We will only communicate with your pet owners as a part of the services you have elected to use or at your direction. We won’t steer your pet owners to another shopping channel. We’re in this together.
  2. It’s your data. You let us use it for specific purposes. When you no longer want us to use it to enhance our services for you, simply tell us and we’ll stop.
  3. We will always be transparent. You can ask us at any time what we do with your data and we’ll tell you.

You can read more about our privacy policy and see why thousands of practices trust us with their client and patient data.

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