Your Data

We’re presenting the principles on how we collect, use, and share your data below. It’s a great, high-level overview. Please check out our full Privacy Policy for more details.

In Simple Terms

Data plays an important role in the services we provide to veterinary practices, and we commit to being transparent about our use of your data (meaning about you, your practice, or your clients/patients). It’s simple: What’s yours will remain yours. You always have the right to know what data we collect and how we use it to provide and enhance our services for you.

Our policy on data is informed by three principles:

1. Your clients are your clients, not ours.

Client relationships are the lifeblood of your business. Your pet owners are not our clients. They’re yours. Our job is to help you build and grow your business. We will only communicate with your pet owners as a part of the services you have elected to use or at your direction. We won’t steer your pet owners to another shopping channel. We’re in this together.

2. It’s your data.

Data about you, your practice, or your clients/patients is yours. It doesn’t belong to anyone else. You let us use it for specific purposes. When you no longer want us to use it to enhance our services for you, just tell us and we’ll stop. We won’t market to your clients without your permission. We won’t share information without your permission with our shareholders or owners unless it’s first de-identified and aggregated (meaning it can’t be tied to you or your practice).

3. We will always be transparent.

We will be transparent in everything we do. You can ask us at any time what we do with your data and we’ll tell you. Here’s a list of some important things that we do with your data.

We Do:

  • Provide solutions that help your practice. You pay us for some of these. Others are paid for by manufacturers and require you to opt-in to participate.
  • Create benchmarks to help you make better decisions.
  • Share wholesale purchase data with manufacturers to ensure you get credit for your purchases.
  • Share de-identified, aggregated data with industry associations, and analytics companies to help get a better understanding of what’s happening in the profession. We take steps to protect information that could identify your practice, the people who work there, your clients, or your patients.