Home delivery and veterinary medicine’s new normal

by By Erin Doherty

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Here at Vetsource, we’re adjusting to the “new normal” of life during a pandemic. Ensuring safety for staff and customers while making sure pets get the products and support they need remains our top priority.

Prioritizing safety

We’re continuing to follow CDC guidelines for businesses, with frequent cleanings and sanitizing of the pharmacy and warehouse. Many employees are still working from home, and those that are in the office are widely spaced out, with hand sanitizer readily available at multiple stations.

Working hard behind the scenes

Our pharmacy and order fulfillment teams are working hard behind the scenes to ensure every order is processed in a timely manner. Unfortunately, disruptions to the usual supply chain are still having an effect on some orders. We’re working closely with manufacturers, distributors, and shipping partners to minimize potential disruptions or delays as much as possible. We’ll continue to inform practices and pet owners of potential delays or other impacts of the pandemic.

Supporting veterinary practices and pet owners

We’re deeply committed to supporting veterinary practices, pet owners, and pets, while also ensuring Vetsource employees’ health and safety. As we all adjust to this new normal, remember you can reach out to our team with any questions about your Home Delivery program and how we can help support you and your clients.

Erin Doherty

Erin Doherty

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