Vetsource Aligns with TeleVet, a Veterinary Telemedicine Platform

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PORTLAND, ORE. (PRWEB) JULY 24, 2018 – Vetsource®, a technology-enabled healthcare services company with a platform designed to empower veterinarians to deliver better care to their patients, has announced a strategic partnership with TeleVet, a remote healthcare application and online platform that allows veterinary clinics to diagnose and treat their own patients remotely where a veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) has already been established.

“Enabling veterinarians to provide care for their patients beyond the four walls of the veterinary practice has been a focus of ours since we introduced our home delivery services to the profession,” said Kurt Green, president and CEO of Vetsource. “This relationship allows us to closely align Vetsource with TeleVet’s innovative solution addressing consumers’ increasing demand for accessible and convenient online tools. Telemedicine will help our customers extend services to where their clients want to consume them, naturally complementing our home delivery services.”

With the growing role of telemedicine in human health — an estimated 7 million patients will be utilizing remote examination services by the end of 2018 with a growth rate of nearly 15% through 2020 — this trend is expected to carry over into veterinary medicine. In addition, Millennials are the largest pet-owning demographic and users of technology, and pet owners are positioned to turn to veterinary telemedicine for its convenience and affordability.

TeleVet offers virtual appointments and follow-up care via video calls, images and instant messaging, making it a unique option for veterinary practices to provide extended care and convenience to their patients.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with a company as focused as we are on helping veterinary practices and enhancing the client-patient relationship,” said Steven Carter, co-founder and CEO of TeleVet. “We look forward to learning and growing with Vetsource to further expand our virtual healthcare services into the veterinary space.”

Vetsource, the only industry-endorsed Home Delivery pharmacy provider, sources quality medications and nutrition products directly from the manufacturers and ships them right to pet owners’ front doors. Using Vetsource’s mobile-optimized ScriptRight® ePrescribing tool, veterinarians can write, review and approve prescriptions from any web-enabled device — even when they are away from the practice. Pet owners can also use Vetsource’s tools through their veterinarians’ online stores to request prescription refills and order nutritional and over-the-counter healthcare products.

TeleVet and Vetsource will immediately work to integrate their services. Their customers will be able to easily prescribe medications and have them shipped to pet owners’ homes following a remote visit through the TeleVet app.

About Vetsource
Vetsource is a healthcare information technology company that provides innovative pharmacy, technology and business services to veterinarians. As the only industry-endorsed Home Delivery pharmacy provider, it sources human-grade institutional pharmacy products directly from the manufacturers and ships them to clients’ front doors. Vetsource’s Home Delivery services, including AutoShip and RemindMe, empower practices and their clients to schedule medications and nutritional products — including individual doses — for convenient home delivery with no shipping charges. At the same time, practices benefit from improved compliance, enhanced client relationships, and better control over providing the prescriptions and healthcare products their clients need. More than 8,100 veterinary practices in the United States use Vetsource’s full suite of pharmacy services, including ScriptShare, compounding and TeleVet, with an additional 17,000 practices using its prescription management platform.

About TeleVet
TeleVet is an easy-to-use remote healthcare application that allows veterinary clinics to connect with their clients remotely for convenient virtual appointments while also providing marketing, management and monetization solutions that ensure a successful telehealth program. With the TeleVet platform, veterinarians can engage with their clients through instant message, images and videos, and live video chats, and ship prescriptions right to their clients’ doorsteps. By embracing and strengthening the veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR), veterinarians can diagnose, treat and prescribe medications remotely to help improve patient outcomes, increase client satisfaction and boost clinic revenue.

Sarah Peterson
Marketing Communications Specialist

Steven Carter
Co-Founder and CEO

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