How to introduce clients to new veterinary technology

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Implementing new technology in your veterinary practice can be an exciting process for both your team and your clients. Whether it’s an app, a telehealth service, or an appointment-booking feature on your website, these tips will help you introduce clients to your new offering and ensure a successful implementation that benefits your practice, your clients, and their pets.

Proactively communicate to your clients

Before rolling out your new technology, start by giving clients a heads up that they’ll have access to a new feature soon. You might consider using a newsletter, in-practice signage, and social media posts to spread the word. Your vendor may also have marketing resources you can leverage to communicate with your clients.

These forms of communication will let clients know the value of the investments you’re making to provide them with the best care for their pet. Be sure to highlight the benefits in your communications — like that the technology will make their lives easier or help their pet’s health — to get clients excited about it.

Emphasize throughout the client experience how technology can improve their pet’s health

When clients understand how your new technology will benefit them or their pet, they will be more inclined to take advantage of it. Talking about the technology at relevant points throughout an appointment is a powerful way to emphasize its value. To ensure your team knows how to communicate its benefits, create a short list for them to reference and discuss it during team meetings. The more comfortable they are, the more likely they will bring it up

Long explanations aren’t necessary, but simple comments or a demonstration of the technology can help your clients understand how it’s directly connected to the care their pets receive. Clients will appreciate understanding how your practice’s technology leads to better outcomes for them and their pets.

Share successes

After you have launched your new technology, gather feedback from your clients. This can be valuable in identifying potential issues and improving the client experience. When clients let you know how the technology positively impacted their pets, be sure to celebrate this with your team.

Consider asking clients for permission to share their stories on social media or encouraging them to post a review. Spreading the word about how others use the technology can help you build loyalty with current clients and show potential clients how you prioritize the health and wellbeing of your patients.



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