VetSuccess founder interviewed by NAVC Spark following VetPartners Hot Rocks Presentations

by By Kate Zirkle

2 min read

Watch as our fearless leader Martin Traub-Werner is interviewed by NAVC Spark following his presentation at the VetPartners mid-year meetings. Martin revealed the results of a groundbreaking VetSuccess study at the VetPartners Hot Rocks presentations, which showcase the hottest ideas and trends and the best innovations and tools.

“We actually found a direct causation between fecal exams and practice revenue. The more fecal exams you do, not only do you generate revenue from the fecals, but it also generates revenue from increased vaccine activity, wellness exams and parasiticide purchases.”

In the interview, Martin shares the findings of the study and discusses what practices need to do to experience similar results. Watch the video to learn more!

NAVC spark video of Martin's interview
Kate Zirkle

Kate Zirkle

Kate Zirkle is a Product Marketing Manager for Vetsource. She is passionate about animal rescue, personal development, and travel. When not working to advance the veterinary industry, she can be found kayaking, reading, and planning her next trip.

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