Practice spotlight: Shaffer Animal Hospital

Nov 18, 2020 | Practice Spotlights

Shaffer Animal Hospital is receiving more than 500 requests through their app each month. 500!  You might be wondering: How are they doing this?

We wondered that, too. So, in a recent discussion with Jamee DeSimone, practice manager of Shaffer Animal Hospital, Jamee revealed that the secret to getting so many clients to use their app is consistent messaging across ALL channels:

  • The front desk team talks about the app when clients call, and when they check out. (“We have a great app. Download it so we can get you your loyalty points!”)
  • Technicians bring it up during appointments. (“Do you want an estimate for your visit? Have you downloaded the app?”)
  • Veterinarians mention it during appointments. (“When you need this prescription refilled, just request it through the app.”)
  • Clients get a welcome email that includes information about the app.
  • They promote the app on their social media channels.
  • Their app has its own dedicated page on their website.
  • On the bottom of invoices, there is a message about downloading the app.
  • They’ve added app messaging to their on-hold and voicemail messages.

Why Shaffer Animal Hospital has embraced the 2-Way Chat feature

Jamee also discussed her practice’s hesitancy to implement their app’s 2-Way Chat feature, and how they’ve now embraced it. With successful implementation, 2-Way Chat can drastically reduce incoming and outgoing practice phone calls.

Take a listen to that discussion!

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