Practice spotlight: Rowan Animal Clinic

by By Kelly McElhinney, CVPM

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Rowan Animal Clinic, a three-doctor practice located in Salisbury, North Carolina, recently transitioned from a mixed-animal practice to a small-animal practice. Like many veterinary hospitals, Rowan is growing quickly, and they are looking for additional veterinarians to join their team and help serve their growing number of clients.

Also in an effort to serve their clients, and to help improve workflows for their team, Rowan decided to invest in Vet2Pet, Vetsource’s client communication platform and custom-branded hospital app, after being referred by Veterinary Growth Partners.

When Rowan’s app launched, it immediately resonated with their clients. Within the first month, more than 200 clients had downloaded the practice’s app. And after just six months, the practice met their one-year user goal of 20%, with more than 600 app downloads by clients.

How Rowan Animal Clinic is exceeding their goals

How did Rowan meet their one-year goal in just six months? They hit the ground running with a well-planned and executed marketing launch campaign.

  • The hospital is fortunate to have a sign by the road, so that was spot #1 for advertising the new app to their community.
  • They emailed all clients with an invite to download their app.
  • They followed their invite email with a newsletter and regular Facebook posts about their app.
  • Rowan had stickers made that said, “For quick and easy refills, scan this QR code.” The stickers included their customized QR code, which clients could easily scan with their smartphone’s camera to be automatically sent to the App or Google Play store to download the app. (Similar QR stickers are available for purchase in the Vet2Pet Marketplace).
  • What better way to set a new client up for success with your hospital than by introducing them to your app during their first veterinary visit? Rowan added their custom rack cards to their puppy and kitten packs.

Caroline Heasley, Rowan’s practice manager, attributes their app’s early success to one of the practice’s veterinarians. Every Friday, Dr. Greg publishes a Facebook video as part of his series called Vet Corner. During one of these videos, Dr. Greg announced and promoted Rowan’s new app, and many clients downloaded the app as a result.

Rowan’s favorite Vet2Pet features

One of the most popular Vet2Pet features for Rowan Animal Clinic has been 2-Way Chat. The practice has clients download the app prior to dropping off hospitalized and surgical patients. Most updates on hospitalized patients are done through 2-Way Chat, providing peace of mind for their clients.

Once patients are discharged, the surgical team gets post-surgical updates by having clients send photos of incisions. They can also answer any questions that clients have through 2-Way Chat.

The team at Rowan’s boarding facility also loves 2-Way Chat because they can send regular updates, photos, and videos to owners of boarded pets. It’s easy for the staff, and clients love seeing their pets having fun while they’re away from home.

According to Heasley, the clients really love the Pet Selfies feature. In fact, many clients share multiple photos of each of their pets because they can’t pick just one!

“Having a designated person monitoring the dashboard is super helpful,” Heasley suggests. This will ensure that no chats or requests are overlooked during busy times of the day, and will minimize the hospital’s response time to clients.


Thanks to the Appointment Management, Pharmacy Requests, and 2-Way Chat features, the team at Rowan Animal Clinic is saving about 200 calls every month!

Your hospital can experience the same success Rowan Animal Clinic has enjoyed. Find out how Vetsource’s all-in-one client engagement and communication platform can help your practice.

Kelly McElhinney, CVPM

Kelly McElhinney, CVPM

Kelly has been working in the veterinary industry since 1999, with experience in private practice, corporate, specialty and emergency. In 2013, she earned her Certified Veterinary Practice Manager designation and holds an MBA in Human Resources. As a Success Coach at Vetsource, Kelly makes it her mission to help practices exceed their goals, increase client engagement and bridge the gap between veterinarian and pet owner.

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