Why millennials are an asset to your veterinary practice

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Understanding the value of practice data reports isn’t difficult. Data reports like those offered by VetSuccess can help you identify opportunities and set practice goals. This, in turn, can help you offer better patient care and run a more successful practice. As for understanding the reports themselves, that’s not always quite as easy.

These days, technology impacts almost every touchpoint of our lives. Still, many veterinary professionals – especially those who entered the industry when paper ruled the day – find it somewhat overwhelming. After all, logging into accounts, customizing reports, and viewing results in a digital format takes time, not to mention at least a little online competency. And when you’re not clicking away at the speed of a lightning-fast, tech-savvy millennial, keeping up with your data reports can start to interfere with other pressing tasks.

Solution: Put a millennial in charge of your practice data reports

As a millennial myself, I can tell you that technology comes pretty easily to my generation. My peers and I have grown up around it. We’re born to adapt, we thrive when we use technology, and we learn quickly. In other words, we’re an excellent asset when it comes to managing and maximizing your practice data.

Unlike the generation that precedes us, paper turns us off. We’re much happier when seated in front of a computer, so give us access to online learning opportunities and we’ll rise to the occasion. Between blog posts and video tutorials, VetSuccess offers no shortage of online resources that will enable us to grasp the concepts quickly so that you can get full value out of your reports without compromising the efficiency of your practice.

How to maximize the value of your millennials

Millennials represent the future of the veterinary industry. They have a lot to contribute, especially when it comes to keeping your practice up-to-speed with the latest technology, but they’re also a big investment. They need to be nurtured and trained in all aspects of your business. And the more effective the training, the more you’ll get back from them.

To be effective, the training you offer should be in keeping with their preferred learning methods, not yours. On that note, keep the following in mind:

Choose training videos with care:

Lots of training videos feature reenactments of situations that come across as cheesy. It can be hard to sit through videos like these without laughing, which isn’t conducive to learning! You’ll be better off sharing training videos that use the latest technology; videos that entertain and give students a chance to engage, while still imparting valuable information.

Offer up some variety:

Don’t limit your training resources to educational videos. Throw in a little animation and some engaging exercises. Variety is a great way to keep your training curriculum unique and exciting, and hold our attention.

Engage before you teach:

We’re not good at sitting through lectures on topics we know nothing about! Recognizing this, salon franchise Phenix Salon Suites begins by giving new hires opportunities to engage in the areas they most excel in, and then provides complimentary education opportunities to help them excel further.

Keep it social:

We like to socialize, especially online! Coldwell Banker has cottoned onto this and provides opportunities for employees to network and share resources using live meetings and social media, which are very appealing to our generation.

Stay current:

Millennials value the latest technology. Keep us engaged by using newly developed learning resources like Explain Everything, an interactive whiteboard tool, or VideoScribe, which lets you create animation videos with no design or technical expertise.

On a final note, remember, millennials aren’t the only ones capable of using technology to learn. While you may find it a little harder to grasp than your juniors, you and technology can still become friends – and you should, because technology is here to stay!



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