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During National Pet Wellness Month, veterinary teams across the country focus on educating clients to help their pets live happier, healthier lives. And while tips for regular veterinary appointments, proper dental care, and nutrition are great, what if there was a more direct way to help clients that are having difficulty providing the care their pet needs?

Vetsource provides prescription management tools meant to empower your team to take better control of the pet health experience, while improving compliance and patient outcomes. Our Prescription Management platform Practice Home is a powerful example of this, allowing you to place a client’s order in under 1 minute for delivery right to their front door. Not only does this guarantee your patient gets the recommended products they need, it also allows you to provide a more complete, convenient, and streamlined pet care experience for your clients.

Ready to give Vetsource Prescription Management a try and see the impact on compliance and pet health for yourself? Be on the lookout for these types of pet parents who could benefit from it the most.

1: The Overwhelmed and Busy Client

Working in a veterinary practice, you know for yourself how busy life can get. When you notice that a client always has kids in tow during appointments, they’re answering work calls or emails when they’re in your office, or you have difficulty scheduling appointments around their hectic schedules, offering to take even one thing off their plate can be a huge help.

During checkout, let them know you can place their order and take payment quickly before they leave. Not only will they appreciate the convenience of home delivery itself, they’ll notice the full-service experience they get from your practice without having to take extra steps to place an order when they get home.

2: The Forgetful Client with Good Intentions

Some clients try their hardest to follow your recommended treatment plan between visits, but it’s easy for good intentions to fall by the wayside when other priorities get in the way. Sell the first treatment or bag of food to them while they’re in-practice. As they’re checking out, let them know you can quickly place an order for their next refill so they don’t have to worry about remembering to do so later.

You can help this client even further by placing their order on AutoShip. By selecting this option for automated deliveries at checkout in Practice Home, you can ensure their pet will get the products they need consistently between appointments.

“With Vetsource we found a true answer to helping our clients get the medications they need. The staff set up new orders and even order the medications for the client before they leave the building.” – Tracy T., Office Manager, Austin, Texas

3: The Client Challenged by Technology

With the prevalence of online retailers, it can seem like everyone is comfortable shopping online these days — but that isn’t always the case.

Do you have a client that seems intimidated or reluctant any time you mention your website, or tends to struggle with the more advanced technology offerings of your practice? Offer to place an order for them at checkout or the next time they come in for a refill. This will help ensure they’re getting the products your practice recommends, save your staff time spent on in-person refills, and keep product purchases with your practice instead of other retailers.

Vetsource Prescription Management helps you help all clients

Remember, these are only a few examples of clients whose pets will benefit when your practice uses Prescription Management — but it’s a great place to start. Practices who use Vetsource Prescription Management can even print out a handy how-to and leave it at their front desk to make placing orders for clients a breeze.

Already have Vetsource Prescription Management and looking for more ways your practice can help improve pet wellness? Reach out to our Practice Success team today at (877) 738-8883.

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