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ScriptShare email on an iPadIt happens every day — you recommend a treatment and the pet parent leaves without purchasing the product. Six months later, they’re back with the same issue. If only there was a way you could remind them and make it easy to buy the product their pet needs!

ScriptShare® gives veterinarians the power to proactively recommend prescription, OTC, and nutritional therapies to clients. They receive a series of emails that link directly to the recommended product in your online store, where they can purchase it in the proper dosage.

These eye-catching emails provide clients with a personalized experience, while keeping your recommendations top of mind and making purchasing easy.

A simplified, customized experience

Whether you need to recommend one product or multiple, ScriptShare enables you to send a single email to the pet parent with all of your recommendations in one place. It even supports recommendations for different pets under the same client, clearly outlining which pet each product is for in one easy-to-read email.

ScriptShare emails also show the available discounts associated with the products you recommend. Special deals like instant discounts, AutoShip savings, or online rebates encourage your clients to complete their purchase. You can also add a custom message, which is a great way to connect with clients and remind them why you’re recommending the product for their pet. 

Convenience at your client’s fingertips

When clients click on the product link in the email, they’re taken to your practice’s online store and are automatically logged in, where they’ll see the “Vet Recommendations” section of their account. This provides a seamless experience between the ScriptShare email and your online store and ensures it’s as easy as possible for them to purchase the product you’ve suggested.

In the “Vet Recommendations” section, they can easily view and purchase the products you have recommended through ScriptShare during the last 90 days. Clients also have the ability to dismiss products and remove recommendations they aren’t interested in or may have already ordered before receiving your ScriptShare recommendation.

Keeping recommendations top of mind

vet recommendations on the shopping site home page

Even if a ScriptShare email gets lost in your client’s inbox, your recommendations still stay front and center through the “Recommended By Your Vet” section featured prominently on the homepage of your online store. When clients log in to their account in your online store, any products you’ve recommended through ScriptShare are displayed on the homepage. The display also shows the date of the recommendation, which pet it’s recommended for, and any notes or usage instructions. Clients can then add those products to their cart with the click of a button.

With all your recommendations in one place, it’s easy for clients to know exactly which products they need to buy for their pet — which is especially convenient for clients with multiple pets, or those who have pets on multiple medications.

Improving pet therapy compliance

ScriptShare is an effective way to keep your recommendations top of mind and encourage clients to purchase the products their pets need. In fact, 1 in 4 ScriptShares results in a purchase, which ultimately increases compliance and improves pet health.

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