How to take your veterinary practice to the next level

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When you have your hands full with escalated clients or managing your team, standing out from the competition may be the last thing on your mind. But when potential clients are looking for a new veterinarian, it pays off to rise above the crowd. Find out how to take your veterinary practice to the next level and help your business thrive.

Know your strengths and goals

The first step in differentiating your practice from the rest is knowing what makes you unique. No one knows your strengths better than you and your team. Leverage this knowledge to establish what your practice is best at and use this information to craft your brand and show clients why you are the best at what you do.

Take time to consider the specific qualities of your practice that set you apart. What specialized services do you offer? For example, if your practice specializes in senior pet care or offers hydrotherapy, be sure to promote that.

Think about the characteristics of your clients as well. Is there a specific client you typically serve? If so, what are their needs? Break down your clients’ concerns and priorities and decide what kind of clients you want to bring into your practice. To figure this out, you may look at the demographics for your area to get a better idea of who your potential clients are. Once you have a full picture of your audience, it will be easier to connect with them.

Ensure your practice is visible online

Today’s pet owners turn to the internet for their pet’s needs, including finding a veterinarian. By optimizing your website and online presence, you can help potential clients easily find you.

Potential clients turn to online reviews and websites when considering a new practice. Take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure your practice ranks high on sites such as Google.

If you aren’t sure where to start, consider partnering with a company that specializes in the veterinary industry. These professionals will be able to provide services to improve your SEO and ranking on search engines. They can also ensure your website is mobile-optimized and user-friendly.

Leverage social media

Social media can be a valuable tool for connecting with clients. Each post should either educate or entertain your clients and include calls to action, such as “schedule an appointment,” “give us a call,” or “read more.” Consistent posting can help bring new clients in and encourage existing clients to return.

Whether you are posting on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, look to your team for inspiration for posts. Involving multiple teammates can bring more creativity and fresh ideas to your social media presence.

Leave a lasting impression

Once clients start coming in, it’s time to show off your stellar service. Their experience should match the image you have crafted for yourself online. Take time to create an environment in your practice that reflects your practice’s brand.

A little extra effort can go a long way and help you rise above the rest. Don’t hesitate to put a personal touch on the experience — consider putting together welcome gifts for new clients or giving out tokens of appreciation, such as toys or treats.

Be sure to give clients flexible options for working with you. They will appreciate user-friendly features such as online appointment scheduling. Personalization can also go a long way in connecting with clients. After appointments or surgery, send a quick picture of your patient to the client. Clients will remember this extra effort long after they leave their appointment.

Take your time

It may take time and a little financial investment, but these tactics will pay off in the end. Remember it’s not necessary to make massive changes all at the same time — find what works best for you and lean on your team members for support. One small step can take you to a new level for your veterinary practice.



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