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Your practice may already have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, but what about TikTok? While TikTok may not seem like the first choice for veterinary practices, this unique social media platform gives you the freedom to market your practice in a new and innovative way. Many veterinary creators are established on this platform and the community is known as “VetTok.”

What is TikTok?

TikTok is known for its short videos that usually last between 15 seconds and 1 minute. Although TikTok has a reputation for being filled with dancing and lip-syncing videos, in reality the platform is much more than that. From travel destinations to bizarre animal facts to hilarious skits, there is content for everyone on TikTok. Although the app is primarily used by younger audiences, it is quickly gaining popularity among people of all ages.

Why use TikTok?

With over a billion monthly active users, TikTok is the perfect platform to consistently engage with pet owners online. Whether you choose to share valuable information about pet health or show off cute animals in your practice, TikTok can help your practice stand out.

How do I get started on TikTok?

First, create a business account for your practice. This will allow you to view insights about your videos and analyze the content that resonates the most with your viewers. Once you have created an account, it’s time to start following other creators.

Find fellow veterinary professionals by searching “#VetTok” — this tag is used by creators in the veterinary community. You can quickly search it to see the most popular and recent veterinary-related content.

Be sure to interact with your favorite videos by liking or commenting. This will ensure that you continue to see similar videos. By interacting with other veterinary videos, you can get an idea of what is popular and draw inspiration from creators. Commenting on related videos can help drive viewers to your content.

What should I share on TikTok?

You may decide to share valuable information and create videos with helpful pet health tips, such as common poisonous foods to avoid or ways to beat the summer heat. Or, you may want to show off the cute pets that visit your practice. People love wholesome videos, so consider sharing heartwarming stories from your patients. Be sure to ask permission from your clients before sharing their pets on social media. Many pet owners will be excited to show off their pet to the world.

TikTok can also be used to remind clients of important dates. Consider making a TikTok with dental health tips for Dental Health Awareness Month. Or, share the risks of heartworm during Heartworm Awareness Month.

Is your staff constantly asked the same questions about pet health? Work with your team to put together an FAQ and share this on TikTok. Pet owners are always happy to discover new information about their furry friends.

When you post a TikTok, it is important to properly caption it. Choose a caption that is light and fun but still describes the video. Don’t forget to include hashtags on your videos. Add “#VetTok” and other popular hashtags such as “#VeterinariansOfTikTok,” “#VetLife,” or “#VetMed.” While it is important to add hashtags, be sure not to overload on them. Using about five or six is best. Hashtags will help your TikTok reach the right audience.

TikTok can help your practice connect with new audiences and educate pet owners. It may seem overwhelming at first, but by viewing other veterinary creators and having fun with your own content, you can start using this social media platform to easily market your practice in a new and entertaining way.





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