3 benefits of email marketing for your veterinary practice

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Between phone calls, emails, and visits, it may be hard to find the time to market your practice. Luckily, email marketing can do the work for you. With the right tools, you can easily set up a simple email marketing program to accomplish multiple goals, including establishing loyalty, driving revenue, and keeping in touch with clients.

1: Establish client loyalty

Worried about overloading your clients’ inbox? In a third-party blind study of over 1,000 pet owners across the country, 98% said they wanted to receive email content from their veterinarian. With email marketing, you can meet your clients’ needs and increase your communication in between visits.

Strengthen client bonds with fun personalized messages, such as pet birthday or anniversary emails. Email marketing provides an easy way to stay engaged with your clients and ensure your practice stays top of mind.

2: Free up time with automation

From newsletters to promotions to welcome messages, email marketing includes a wide array of options. You can remind your clients about the services you offer, offer them valuable savings, or welcome new clients to your practice — the options are endless!

You can put these messages on auto-pilot with email automation, an easy way to set up emails to reach certain people at certain times without doing the work every time. Once you set up automation, you can start sending your clients personalized marketing emails while saving time.

You can automate welcome emails to be sent when a client signs up for your mailing list or newsletter. If your practice recognizes pet holidays, email marketing can help you get the word out. For example, you can send out an email every February for National Pet Dental Health Month to remind clients of the importance of dental hygiene and encourage them to come in for a checkup.

By using marketing automation, you’ll free up your to-do list so you can dedicate more time to providing care for your patients. Talk with your partners to see if they already offer a marketing email program that you can take advantage of. With Vetsource’s PetMail® email marketing program, for example, a team of marketing professionals create each message for you and send it to your clients on your behalf.

3: Drive revenue

The emails you send to your clients can be tailored to your practice’s specific needs. You can promote services, encourage visits, or offer promotions and discounts.

Giving your clients valuable savings — especially if you have an online store — will help your emails stand out in their inbox. According to IRP Commerce, clients are nearly 5 times more likely to purchase online from a veterinary practice than from other retailers. Another recent study found that 7 out of 10 pet owners would act on email content if it came from their veterinarian. With email marketing, you can meet your clients’ needs while staying competitive and driving revenue for your practice.

By reminding your clients what you have to offer, you can ensure that you become the most trusted source for their pet’s care. Leveraging a simple email marketing tool can help you give your clients the resources they need to take the best care of their pets while helping your practice thrive.

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