6 ways to recognize and support your vet techs

by By Meg Oliver, CVPM

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National Veterinary Technician week takes place during the third week of October, and this year’s theme, “Veterinary Technicians’ Resilience is the Heart of Veterinary Medicine,” highlights the strength and passion that vet techs display every day at work.

After a challenging few years, this week is the perfect time to recognize your vet techs’ efforts. By showing your appreciation, you can foster a supportive and rewarding work environment for your team. Here’s how you can let your vet techs know how much you value them.

Learn their preferences

Take time to get to know your vet techs and learn what makes them feel appreciated. Some may prefer verbal praise or written notes. Others may enjoy team-building activities or events. Or your vet techs might appreciate extra help with their tasks. No matter what your vet techs prefer, there are plenty of meaningful ways to show your appreciation.

Give personalized gifts

Ask your vet techs about their interests and give them a custom gift. Blankets, candles, or framed pictures of their pets are all heartwarming options. You could even put together a gift basket filled with their favorite snacks and useful items like water bottles or t-shirts. A gift card to their favorite restaurant or tickets to an event are also great options.

Show off their accomplishments

Let your team and clients know how awesome your vet techs are. You can create flyers with your vet techs’ pictures, names, and a brief description of how they have made a difference in your practice. Display the flyers in your lobby or somewhere else for clients to see.

If you’d rather share your vet techs’ accomplishments digitally, try social media. Include meaningful and authentic praise in your social media posts and let your community know how much you value your team. Many people are unaware of what being a vet tech entails, and this is a wonderful opportunity to educate your clients on the important role vet techs play in their pets’ health.

Get to know their goals

Set some time aside to sit down with your vet techs and get to know their goals and find out what they are eager to learn. Some common education topics include pain management, communicating with clients about financial matters, and collaborating with a team. Look into potential training opportunities to help your vet techs gain skills and knowledge to benefit their careers and your practice.

Invest in their wellbeing

Cultivate a positive workplace culture that will help your vet techs and other team members feel encouraged to grow while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Remember how hardworking your vet techs are and how they will lend a helping hand to any patient, client, or team member in need. While this can be an amazing quality, it is important to remind them to maintain a work-life balance and avoid getting stressed or burnt out.

Promote a healthy work culture that gives your vet techs plenty of time and space to focus on their personal lives. Flexible schedules, paid time off, healthcare for pets, and other benefits can go a long way in making sure your vet techs consistently feel appreciated.

Whether they’re drawing a patient’s blood, helping a veterinarian prepare for surgery, handling client phone calls, or filling prescriptions, veterinary technicians are a critical part of any veterinary team. Their resilience through the emotional demands of their role combined with their passion for the job and love for animals make these team members invaluable and worth celebrating.

Meg Oliver, CVPM

Meg Oliver, CVPM

Meg Oliver, CVPM is a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager at Cicero Animal Clinic, P.C. in Syracuse, NY. She is also a finalist in the Practice Manager of the Year Contest. Over the past 20 years, Meg has worked in many aspects of the veterinary industry, in both Syracuse and Buffalo. Working her way up from receptionist to Practice Manager in various clinics has given her the experience and insight to understand the internal workings of a successful practice. Meg is passionate about preventive care, customer service, and financial management and focuses her energies on these areas. Meg and her husband Rob share their life with their daughter Faye and identical twin sons, Jimmy and Toby.

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