3 ways technology can help your veterinary practice connect with clients

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In this age of digitization and changing client expectations, it is more important than ever to meet the needs of those who use technology in their everyday life.

Staying up to date with new forms of communication can help your practice attract new clients and retain existing ones. Read on to learn about different communication channels and how they can help your practice achieve its goals.

1: Social media builds community

Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or another platform, social media can help you establish your brand and build your community. Before you get started, you’ll want to set a goal for your social media pages. This goal could be attracting new clients, driving existing clients to your online store, or engaging with your community.

Once you have established your objective, it’s time to start sharing content. Luckily, you and your team members are surrounded by thoughtful stories and adorable animals to snap pictures of and share online. Be sure to ask your clients for permission before posting their furry friends online. Your expertise will also give you the ability to share tips to help your social media followers take better care of their pets.

You might want to post inspirational patient stories to emphasize the importance of veterinary care. Or, maybe give a behind-the-scenes look at your practice to connect with your clients and interact with them on a personal level.

  • Engage with your community
  • Share educational and fun content
  • Encourage clients to reach out

Each social media post should include either an engaging image, a link to your online store, or a link to request an appointment. You can also include a call to action, such as “Shop Now,” if you are encouraging clients to visit your online store, or “Book Now,” if your goal is to schedule more appointments. If your practice is partnered with Vetsource®, you have access to complimentary social media content that educates clients and drives them to your online store.

With social media, you can explore different strategies and determine what works best to achieve your goals.

2: Emails drive revenue

Emails are a quick and easy way to connect with your clients and share valuable information or remind them of important dates, such as upcoming appointments or annual visits. Using email marketing can take your practice to the next level and help deepen client bonds and drive revenue.

  • Keep clients in the loop
  • Send appointment and refill reminders
  • Connect with clients in between visits

You can send out monthly newsletters to keep your clients in the loop, share information, or provide educational articles. Newsletters are a great way to consistently engage with your clients and provide them with additional resources to care for their pets.

Emails reminders can help your clients keep track of upcoming appointments or prescription refills. When your clients come in for appointments, you can ask them if they would like their invoices emailed to them. That way you can slowly build your mailing list and create a loyal community of clients.

3: Apps increase engagement

With more pet owners who not only embrace technology but expect it, it can be helpful to have an app. Apps are becoming a necessity for practices to engage with their clients.

  • Offer a loyalty program for your clients
  • Spend less time on the phone
  • Customize for your practice

Try to choose a client engagement platform — like the one offered by Vet2Pet — that includes push notifications and a loyalty program. Vet2Pet’s platform is also fully customizable and can be branded to your practice. Features like these can help drive client visits and revenue while also increasing engagement.

An app benefits not only clients but your team as well. When clients use the app to schedule appointments or request a refill, your team will spend less time on the phone and more time providing care.

As client expectations rapidly evolve, exploring new technology to communicate with your community can help your practice efficiently and effectively meet your clients’ needs.



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