3 reasons your veterinary practice needs a prescription management solution

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Prescription management is an everyday part of any veterinary practice. It can take up a lot of your staff’s time, but fortunately there are solutions that can streamline the process.

What is prescription management?

A prescription management process helps ensure patients get the therapies they need — safely, accurately, and on time. Some solutions are more comprehensive than others and have an online pharmacy where clients can purchase their pet’s products. Orders requiring veterinarian approval are electronically routed to the prescription management platform for staff to review. Some even have a way to place orders on the client’s behalf or proactively email recommendations to clients. These options make it easy for them to purchase their pet’s therapy during or after a visit.

Here are three reasons your veterinary practice could benefit from a prescription management solution.

1. Simplify workflows

Time is one of your practice’s most valuable assets. A prescription management platform can help your team save time by streamlining the most common tasks:

  • Placing an order — Place a product order or start a recurring shipment on your client’s behalf with only a few clicks. When integrated with your practice management software, orders are automatically created with patient details and client address. This eliminates manual entry, saving your staff time they can devote to patient care.
  • Making a recommendation — If clients aren’t ready to purchase, a solution that lets you send a personalized product recommendation is invaluable. It will email your client with a link to purchase the product through your online store, minimizing follow-up communication and making it easy for clients to order at their convenience.
  • Approving orders — By serving as a central hub for viewing prescriptions, your platform should help streamline the endless client requests and pharmacy communications that flood your inbox and call-back list every day. Look for a solution that provides an at-a-glance view of all requests and allows you to approve, deny, or suggest an alternative.
  • Reducing faxes — Some solutions help you cut down on fax requests from retailers and allow you to respond electronically instead. Vetsource, for example, partners with reputable retailers to route client requests through its Prescription Management platform. You can then review them along with orders from your online store and the products you prescribe in practice.

2. Prevent prescription errors

Manually entering script info not only affects your efficiency, but it may also compromise patient care. Prescribing errors caused by mistyping or accidental omissions are common and can delay your patient’s time to therapy.

Integrating your practice data with a prescription management platform eliminates these issues. It creates orders with the most up-to-date patient information and provides product sizing based on patient weight. Automated processes ensure scripts are accurate and your patients’ safety is upheld.

3. Provide a convenient, seamless experience for clients

A prescription management solution provides the ease and convenience that modern pet owners want and expect. From creating a prescription during a visit to offering online shopping, you can provide a strong client experience from your veterinary practice to your clients’ homes.

Instead of tabling the prescription for another time, you can take real-time action by placing an order on their behalf or sharing a recommendation via email before they even leave the exam room. And by demonstrating how they can save money through online pharmacy discounts, you can help them see their pet’s care as accessible and convenient.

This ability to meet your client’s needs in the moment demonstrates a commitment to high-quality service and a prioritization of their pet’s care.

With an intuitive and user-friendly experience that’s designed for real-time use, Vetsource Prescription Management improves efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction. Now that’s a prescription for success. Find out how Vetsource Prescription Management can benefit your practice.



Marisa Loray is a senior product marketing manager for Vetsource’s Prescription Management solution. Marisa has 11 years of marketing experience focused on customer journey and product understanding and utilization, and she has supported technology platforms in a product marketing function for 8 years. A native of Rochester, New York, Marisa enjoys reading and spending summer days outdoors with her family.



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