10 Vet2Pet platform benefits your veterinary practice should be using

by By Brad Jonesberg

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If you’re a Vet2Pet user, I’m sure you have your favorite features of the platform. Maybe you love all the phone calls prevented thanks to 2-Way Chat, or perhaps you get excited every time a client shares a Pet Selfie. Did you know there are even more features that you can take advantage of? Here are 10 benefits of Vet2Pet that you don’t want to miss..

1. Marketing materials

Now that you have a custom-branded hospital app, you need to tell your clients about it so they’ll actually use it! Promoting your app is an ongoing task. Research tells us that consumers need to see or hear a message at least seven times before they’ll act on it.

It may sound exhausting, but don’t worry — Vetsource has so many customizable marketing materials available to you. From videos and social media GIFs to stickers, posters, and so much more, your team can easily promote your app and increase app downloads.

Vary the types of marketing materials your team uses to cast a wide net. Some ideas include:

  • Place stickers on invoices, discharge instructions, and other printed materials.
  • Include your QR code or custom link in your email signature.
  • Share videos and details about app features regularly on social media.
  • Mention your app in your e-newsletter, and call out a different feature each time.
  • Place a table tent at your front desk.
  • Hang posters in your lobby and exam rooms.
  • Ensure your team mentions the app during check-in/out and exams.


2. Dedicated support from veterinary professionals

Vetsource is a team of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, practice managers, and other veterinary professionals who understand the ins and outs of working in a veterinary practice. As a customer, you get to take full advantage of that experience. Each practice has a dedicated success coach, as well as access to DVM experts in various areas, including social media, telemedicine, and veterinary loyalty programs.

3. App Academy

So many Vet2Pet users aren’t even aware of App Academy! App Academy offers a comprehensive (and fun!) staff training program, RACE-approved and CVPM-qualified CE, digital marketing assets, and more.

4. Mass push notifications

Can you use Vet2Pet’s Notifications feature to announce “We’re closed today” to your clients? Sure. But it’s so much more than that. Send three or four push notifications every month, varying the messaging between:

  • Seasonal information (It’s hot outside! Keep your pup at home while you run those errands!)
  • In-hospital happenings, like special promotions or sales (Tomorrow is Check the Chip Day! Come get your pet’s microchip scanned and pick up a goodie bag!)
  • Announcements of new app or hospital features (New app feature alert! Now you can send our team a message, photo, video, or document through 2-Way Chat!)
  • Solicitations of Selfies for holiday events (Send us your pet’s Halloween selfie so we can share your #costumedcompanions during our social media parade!)

5. Selfies as a social media asset

The Pet Selfies feature is one of Vet2Pet’s most popular. So, what are you doing with all those photos submitted by clients? You should be sharing them on social media!

When I worked in practice, my favorite selfies came from new clients who downloaded the app during the visit, took a photo of their pet receiving services, and sent it in as a selfie. I immediately posted these on social media, thanking the client for joining our family, telling them how wonderful their pet was, and directing other clients to download the app.

6. The Loyalty Management Tool

Veterinary practices are BUSY these days! Everyone is short-staffed, overworked, and exhausted. The Loyalty Management Tool will save your team so much time. I can’t tell you how often a client would grab me to ask about getting stamps from their last visit — and the visit before that — as I was running through the lobby. I’d then spend 20 minutes researching transactions so I could give them the appropriate number of loyalty stamps.

With the Loyalty Management Tool, you can quickly and easily reconcile transactions and rewards from one simple, yet comprehensive, report. You can even give rewards and adjust rewards already given directly from the report!

7. Postcards

If you read my last blog post, “How To Do Veterinary Client Reminders Right,” you understand the importance of varying the types of health service reminders you’re sending, as well as varying the cadence at which you send them.

I recommend sending a postcard reminder 60 days before a service is due, and another 30 days after a service is due, with other kinds of reminders in between.

Now, I’ve seen a lot of postcard reminders during my career, but Vet2Pet’s new Postcard reminders stand out. They are written to the pet, not the pet owner, and they’ve been designed by an actual artist with bright colors and eye-catching illustrations of pets and funny captions that will definitely get your clients’ attention.

8. Automated, free health service reminders

Ask yourself: “How far out are we booked?” Many hospitals set health service reminder cadences once, and then never look at them again. But, if we take current trends into account, we can make health service reminders work constructively for your team.

If you’re booked out for three weeks, consider setting your first batch of reminders for 45 days out (or later). Use these wellness visits as the foundations for your client schedule, leaving slots for same-week or same-day appointments.

Your platform allows you to send email, text, and app notifications about upcoming and past-due health services on your own schedule. (And for an additional fee, you can send Postcard reminders, too!)

9. Visit Tracker

My practice had a “Destinations” feature in our PIMS that allowed us to account for where in the building our appointments were. It had a gap, though: It didn’t allow room for clients who were visiting without an appointment (medication pick-up, surgery pick-up at the end of the day, etc.).

With the Visit Tracker feature, you can essentially turn your parking lot into a waiting room, and anyone with access to your app, a camera to scan a QR code, or a web browser can use this tool and let you know they’ve arrived. You can create a customizable check-in form, assign a team member to a patient, and then track and update that patient’s status throughout their visit. The entire team will be able to see the status of the pet’s visit, and you can even send status updates to clients who are waiting in their car!


10. Dashboard settings customization

We know how the climate of a practice can change overnight, so be sure to customize your settings to help funnel your workload appropriately.

  • If you’re short-staffed on a given day, you can adjust your 2-Way Chat hours to give your team more bandwidth to manage them.
  • If your schedule is booked out for two months, you can black out your appointment requests for a time so you can catch up on your overdue wellness exams.
  • If you want to show your practice’s personality, culture, and warmth, update your “About Us” section and include a staff or hospital cat photo.

Use your settings — and your success coach — to ensure your Vet2Pet platform is working for you practice’s needs.

If you’re a Vetsource customer and you have questions about any of these features or benefits, email [email protected] for help. If you aren’t a Vetsource customer, you might want to find out more about the only customizable all-in-one client engagement and communication platform in vet med. Schedule a quick demo to learn how the Vet2Pet client communication solution can help your practice.

Brad Jonesberg

Brad Jonesberg

Brad Jonesberg spent nearly 5 years as a client relations manager for a small animal veterinary practice in Philadelphia, where he focused on creating an excellent and complete client experience. During his time in practice, Brad managed the CSR team and all client-facing communications, including the practice’s website and social media. He currently serves as a success coach for Vet2Pet.

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