Complimentary Data Service

Data Router for Pet Insurance

Vetsource helps your practice by effortlessly passing data requested as part of insurance claims on behalf of pet owners, all with zero staff involvement

Reclaim your team’s time

This service is complimentary for Vetsource customers, and a win-win for your practice and your clients.

Vetsource gives your team the gift of time with the Data Router for Pet Insurance — available to Vetsource customers. Thanks to a secure data connection, Vetsource transmits invoice and medical history data associated with submitted claims directly to insurers for claims processing.


Benefits for your staff members and your clients

Every second counts in your busy practice. We gladly take one task off your plate by using existing technology. No new process docs or team training required.

Eliminates non-essential staff work

Reduces phone calls and faxes

Improves the claims process for pet owners

Automate busy work and gain efficiency

Every unnecessary phone call and fax adds up. Reduce calls from insurers requesting invoices and medical notes associated with claims by using your existing Vetsource data connection.

We will securely send specific records necessary for claims processing directly to insurers, saving you time and effort.

Data router saves time and effort
Data router happy security

Safe, secure, and reliable

As always with Vetsource, privacy and data security are strictly upheld: the Data Router operates under our rigorous data security protocols.

You can also choose to receive a monthly report that lists which records were sent to which insurer.

Frequently asked questions

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How does the Data Router work, and what exactly will be passed to insurers?

After a pet owner submits a claim and the insurance company determines that invoice or medical history data is needed to process the claim, they will alert Vetsource with the specific pet owner data request. Through your existing Vetsource data connection, Vetsource will securely pull the specific data associated with that pet owner claim and then pass that data directly to the insurance company. Each request and transmission will be recorded in your monthly report delivered to you by Vetsource Data & Insights.

What will insurers do with my practice’s data?

Participating insurance companies will use the invoice and medical history data to process claims that have been submitted by pet owners.

Is there a cost associated with this service?

This service is free for existing Vetsource customers.

Which insurers are part of the Data Router service?

The Data Router for Pet Insurance service is open to all pet insurance companies that would like to participate.

How can I review what was sent to which insurer?

You can choose to receive a monthly report that outlines which invoices and medical history records were sent to which insurance company. You can also access these reports in your standard Vetsource Data & Insights portal. If you’re not already using Data & Insights, you’ll be provided with a login to access the reports.

How can my practice opt out of this service?
If you would rather not participate in the Data Router for Pet Insurance service, you can choose to opt out.