Rx routing and management

Take the complexity out of managing your online pharmacy

A seamless electronic workflow simplifies prescription management.

Manage your online store and prescriptions with ease

Get it all done in one place.

Approve, deny, or suggest alternatives

Manage all prescriptions in one convenient location, no matter where they come from. Orders are organized by source, and if you deny any requests, you have the option to suggest an alternative, all in the same workflow.

Earn compensation for your time

Vetsource partners with reputable retailers for electronic Rx routing, providing an efficient workflow and eliminating faxes. When a client shops with one of these retailers, you’ll earn compensation on every retail order you electronically review within 24 hours.

View order and client info

Check the status of an order, track shipments, update client or patient information, and adjust AutoShip orders settings, like frequency and ship date.

Manage catalog settings
You’re always in control of your online pharmacy catalog. You can exclude whole categories or sets of products, adjust your pricing, and run reports to view catalog exclusions, pricing, and profitability.
Generate reports

Create reports on practice revenue and net proceeds, export sales tax info, pull a list of expiring prescriptions, generate a retail price list, view sales by veterinarian, and much more.

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