Data integration

Put your data to work for you with safe and secure integration

Vetsource’s platform integrates with most practice management software, creating a smooth workflow and enhancing your services.

Reduce manual entry and save staff time through secure integration

Our data integration tool securely connects to your practice management software, enabling patient and client info to be automatically populated in your Vetsource platform. Data is refreshed regularly, ensuring your prescribing tools and other services have access to the most up-to-date information.

Write data back into medical records to get a complete view of patient history

Integration enables read/write capabilities — the ability to pull data into the Vetsource platform (read) and push transaction data from your online store back into your practice management software (write).* With online purchase info integrated into your patients’ medical records, you’ll have a more complete view of their health.

Power your PetMail email marketing program

PetMail® seamlessly connects to your client and patient data to enhance the emails clients receive. From promotional emails to refill reminders and everything in between, clients love receiving emails tailored to them and their pets. Plus, connecting your data to PetMail generates 2x the yearly online store revenue compared to PetMail without integration.

We integrate with most practice management software

  • Advantage/Advantage+
  • AVImark
  • ClienTrax
  • Cornerstone
  • DVM-Manager
  • DVMax
  • eVetPractice
  • ezyVet
  • ezyVet
  • HVMS
  • ImproMed Infinity
  • Instinct
  • IntraVet
  • Neo
  • VIA
  • V-Tech Platinum
*Not all PIMS support write capabilities.

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