Pharmacy dashboard

Get the full picture of your pharmacy business — all in one place

Vetsource’s Pharmacy Dashboard combines in-practice and home delivery data, giving you the insight you need to make smart decisions.

Your complete pharmacy data is just a click away

Uncover valuable data and key insights about pharmacy sales and client compliance — in practice and online — with the Pharmacy Dashboard, available to Vetsource customers with SyncVet integration or those who use our Data & Insights or Client Engagement solution.

Featuring an intuitive design that lets you drill down into specific data, the Pharmacy Dashboard provides a complete picture of your performance, empowering you to identify revenue opportunities and create strategies to improve compliance.

Stay on top of your performance

Compare revenue and visit trends between clients who use home delivery and those who don’t. Easy-to-interpret visuals allow you to see where sales come from and spot opportunities for growth.

Keep an eye on compliance

Monitor compliance rates and how your top 10 parasiticides are performing. With data on preventative type, species, age, and more, you can identify whether you need to address gaps in compliance or adjust your product offering.

Put it in perspective

Consult benchmarks to see how your practice stacks up to others. Comparing your performance to the industry standard helps you identify areas for improvement.

Discover opportunities

Gain detailed insights on parasiticide purchases. Helpful projections show how parasiticide protection and revenue increase when more clients put their pets on a preventative.

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