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ePrescribing tool

It’s easy to make sure your patients get the therapies they need with the intuitive ePrescribing tool, which allows you to create a prescription in less than 1 minute. And thanks to integration that securely connects to your practice management software, patient and client information is automatically populated in the Prescription Management platform, saving your staff the hassle of manual entry.

  • Prescribe anytime, anywhere, on any web-enabled device to prescribe medications, preventatives, and nutrition.
  • Create an Rx and complete the order in under 1 minute.
  • Add a discount code at checkout for an added incentive.
  • Encourage AutoShip to create a steady, passive stream of income.
  • Eliminate manual entry of client and patient info with data integration.

Proactive prescribing

Make post-visit purchases a breeze with the recommendation option, which gives you the power to proactively recommend prescription, OTC, and nutritional therapies.

Creating a recommendation automatically triggers a series of emails to your client featuring a link to the item in your online store at the dosage you recommend, so they never have to guess what their pet needs.

The recommendation emails also highlight any discounts available for that product, further encouraging clients to purchase their pet’s therapy. You can also add a personalized message — perfect for reminding clients why you recommend the product, adding a promo code for extra savings, or reconnecting with lapsed clients.

Proactively recommend medications, OTC products, and nutritional therapies.

Give clients an easy way to purchase their pet’s therapy.

Prescribe multiple products for different pets under the same client.
Highlight available discounts associated with the products you recommend.
Recover lost revenue and improve compliance.

The power of ePrescribing is in your hands


Better nutrition compliance with AutoShip*


Increase in parasiticide compliance with RemindMeSM single doses*

1 in 4

Recommendation emails result in a purchase*

*Data on file at Vetsource

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