Marketing support

Take the guesswork out of marketing

Effortlessly reach clients and drive them directly to your online store with free marketing tools created by our team of pros.

Marketing support, tailored to your needs

Practices who use PetMail email marketing drive nearly 2x more online pharmacy revenue*

New digital marketing content is available each month

Helpful handouts, signage, and other resources are ready-made for your clients and staff

*Practices who use PetMail email marketing increase online revenue by 98%; data on file at Vetsource

PetMail takes marketing work off your plate

Effortlessly reach clients and drive them directly to your online store with email campaigns containing promotions and manufacturer coupons — included with Vetsource Prescription Management.

Emails link directly to products in your online store, creating a seamless shopping experience for pet owners and increasing revenue for your practice. You choose the types of promotions and email frequency. We’ll do the rest.

Personal touches improve engagement

More than just a way to communicate promotions, PetMail emails are also great for building client relationships.

When your clients are close to running out of a prescription, they’ll get a refill reminder email linking directly to the product, making it easy for them to purchase a refill and stay consistent with their pet’s therapy.

And personalized messages for pet birthdays and anniversaries of first purchases enhance the experience pet owners have with you and your online store, keeping your practice top of mind for all their pet care needs.

Save time with ready-to-use digital content

Engage your clients online with Vetsource’s digital marketing materials and resources. Professionally designed banners and other graphics help you spread the word about your online store via your website and emails. Ready-made social media content makes it easy to keep clients informed and engaged.

Take advantage of in-practice marketing tools

Let clients know about your online store while they’re in your practice. Customizable stickers, window clings, and coupons encourage them to shop through you.

You also get resources such as client handouts, conversation starters, talking points, and how-to’s to make it easy for staff to chat with clients about the benefits of your online store.

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