Retail Services

Reduce the complexity of the pet care ecosystem

We connect retailers, pet owners, and veterinarians to make prescription routing and fulfillment easy for everyone involved.

Simplify prescription routing and fulfillment

When pet owners shop with retailers, their prescription medication and therapeutic diet requests can be routed through our platform and sent directly to their personal veterinarian. This seamless connection speeds up turnaround time and helps pets get the products they need to stay healthy, all while keeping veterinarians at the center of pet healthcare.

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  • Prescription routing
    Electronic processing streamlines Rx routing to veterinarians, speeds processing time, and ensures accuracy
  • Scalable and customizable solutions
    Data and technology capabilities include backend services, e-commerce, and advanced analytics
  • Simple integration
    An easy process and personalized guidance simplify integration in a straightforward way
  • Fulfillment and customer service
    Specially trained teams support your business and ensure safety and accuracy throughout the process