Data storage

Safely and securely store your veterinary data

Big data generates big insights, but only if you know how to safely harness, store, and protect it.

Give your analysts access to a secure data warehouse

Protect one of your group’s most important assets—your data—with secure data storage from the veterinary data experts. We offer a secure online analytical processing (OLAP) data warehouse for your analysts to access 24/7 and query standardized practice data, without the hassle of extracting or updating it daily.

  • Streamline your IT investment
  • Connect to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system
  • Store additional data sources
  • Create your own data structures


Make it easy for your analysts to work with your data

Giving your analysts access to normalized practice data means they can hit the ground running to pull numbers and generate insights.

You can create your own data structures or use those provided. You can also create custom views and functions with help from our comprehensive Data Dictionary.

Securely store your veterinary data with those who understand its complexities

Veterinary data is complex, and organizing it can be challenging.

Gain access to a fully managed, extensible, and highly available Snowflake data cloud warehouse cluster. You can even connect it to your ERP software and store additional data sources.

Protect your veterinary data with 3 key security features:


Data encryption

At all stages of transit and at rest, data is stored and transferred using industry-standard 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption.


Strict access control

We restrict who has access to your data to only those who are actively working on your custom data solutions.


Logging and tracking

Our robust logging and tracking system ensures that we know exactly who has accessed your data and when.

Data solutions that evolve with your group

“One of the best things about working with Vetsource is that they grow with you. They’re always ready to meet our group’s needs, no matter what we throw at them.”

—Jed Rogers, DVM, co-founder and CEO, Firehouse Animal Health Centers

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