Data normalization

Standardize your veterinary data for more consistent reporting

With Vetsource’s proprietary data normalization service, you get consistent metrics across all of your practices, without having to switch practice management systems.

Get to your actionable insights faster with normalized data

Veterinary practice data is messy, but we’re able to make sense of it by assigning each revenue transaction to the appropriate categories, regardless of what each individual practice uses for software, item code, or description.

This behind-the-scenes accurate code categorization is what enables aggregated, high-level reporting across all your practices.

Get aggregated data without having to change PIMS

Imagine having consistent metrics across your entire enterprise. For example, you could easily and accurately compare dentals and surgeries across multiple practices regardless of differing practice management software. That’s the power of normalized data from the data experts at Vetsource.

  • Customizable and continuously updated
  • 250 unique revenue categories enable granular insights
  • Revenue also aligned to the AAHA/VMG Chart of Accounts

Simplify and streamline your analytics with normalization

Our detailed mapping process follows a hierarchical category structure and utilizes code tags, which means that every transaction across all of your practices is accounted for and able to be reported on.

Imagine having the ability to roll up all of your practices’ data while also having the ability to drill down into specific categories. It’s an analyst’s dream.

View practice performance across key categories

Top-level categories encompass all practice revenue

Each of these categories has sub categories

All the way down to the product level

Easily organize and evolve with your group’s data

“Practice managers and owners need business diagnostics for their practices, just like veterinarians need laboratory diagnostics for their patients.”

—Brenda Tassava, CVPM, Practice Management Consultant

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