Compliance Tracker

Make veterinary patient compliance tracking easy and actionable

This highly interactive monthly report provides a laser-focused picture of patient compliance with preventative care in your practice.

Track patient compliance in
8 key areas of preventative healthcare

Compliance data is nearly impossible to pull from veterinary practice management systems, but it’s also one of the most important areas for practices to measure. That’s why the data experts at Vetsource developed the monthly Compliance Tracker, making it easy to monitor all eight key areas.

  • Annual Physical Exam
  • Wellness Bloodwork
  • Heartworm Testing
  • Fecal Testing
  • Core Vaccines
  • Lifestyle Vaccines
  • Parasiticide Compliance
  • Dental Prophylaxis

Take control of compliance in your practice.

Each metric provides critical insight into whether your clients are following your preventative care recommendations.

On the very first page, you can filter your entire report by species, view your practice’s benchmark region, download and print your report, and download a Code Checker Appendix.

Strapped for time? Page two provides a quick summary.

The Compliance Summary gives you a quick monthly overview of key compliance metrics, including regional benchmarks and year-over-year comparisons for annual exams, wellness bloodwork, fecal tests, and vaccines.

It’s also the perfect page to print and hang up for staff review, especially the provider superstar and monthly highlight sections.

Easily monitor compliance trends over time.

Track current and prior year stats for canines and felines, plus benchmarks for multiple vaccines, tests, wellness bloodwork, dentals, and parasite coverage.

The two bonus actionable appendices—Patient Audit Appendix and Benchmark Numbers Appendix—will save you time and make it easy to reach out to non-compliant pet owners.

Track conversion rate by doctor.

See how successful a doctor was at converting non-compliant canine and feline patients for each procedure during their appointments that month. You can filter by doctor, and then compare to the practice’s overall conversion rate.

View every doctor’s conversion rate for that month in one spreadsheet with the actionable All Doctor Breakdown Appendix.

Track conversion rate by wellness service.

View your top 5 doctors’ conversion rates by procedure, broken down by canine and feline. You can also filter by age range and procedure.

These are great for printing and displaying, especially if you’re running a contest or procedure push for providers.

Effortlessly keep track of compliance with these 3 key features:


Gain perspective and compare your practice’s performance to other practices in your area.


Answer the question “Is this number good?” by looking at your practice’s past performance.


Easily track historical performance, monitor conversion rates, and take action to increase compliance with four additional spreadsheets.

Hospital managers save time with the Compliance Tracker

“After 35 years in the field, to have a product that gives me the metrics I need without fighting with my PIMS to get the data is PRICELESS, and you are very reasonably priced.”

—Katy Joyce, CVT, hospital manager, Pond Point Animal Hospital

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