Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Vetsource’s focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion

Because our best work and most innovative solutions come from an inclusive and diverse team drawing on different life experiences.

Creating opportunities for everyone to thrive

At Vetsource, we believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) matter in how we engage with our employees, customers, and partners. We seek out, respect, and value differences in experiences and backgrounds, because these differences help us deliver the most high-quality solutions and essential services. By valuing, promoting, and advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, we foster a sense of belonging and remove barriers to equitable access, so everyone can thrive.

Our DEI commitments

We are committed to:

  • Engaging in open, honest, and inclusive dialogue
  • Owning our biases and adapting our behaviors
  • Measuring and tracking our progress
  • Taking action to improve the state of diversity, equity, and inclusion

How we promote diversity, equity, and inclusion

We work to embed DEI into our culture, empower our people to speak up, and celebrate each other’s diversity. To help ensure a holistic view of these goals, we use our 4 Practice Areas:

  1. Culture: Events and gatherings in the company and in the community to bring together people and ideas
  2. Talent: Supporting the attraction of new employees to the organization, and mentorship and support opportunities for current employees
  3. Education: Resources, tools, and training on DEI topics for employees and leaders of the organization
  4. Business: Policy change, vendor programs, community outreach, and business partnerships to support the goals and values of the organization

Employee Resource Groups

Designed to help foster an inclusive culture and increase professional development, Vetsource’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-driven networks based on uplifting and empowering colleagues with shared identities and values. These volunteer groups work to amplify unique voices and perspectives, provide insight on business objectives, and help create a community within Vetsource where everyone can thrive.

Current ERGs include:

  • BLAST (Black and Latino Action SocieTy)
  • Vetsource Pride (LGBTQIA+)
  • PACE (Parents and Caregivers for Equity)
  • WIN (Women’s Initiative Network)
  • Neurodivergent

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