Take client communication to the next level

Thoughtfully designed by veterinarians and easily customized by you, Vet2Pet offers the most comprehensive suite of client communication features available in veterinary medicine.

Engage. Communicate. Remind. Delight.

Details matter. And, because our Vet2Pet client communication solution was built by veterinary professionals, no detail that matters to practice teams and their clients has been overlooked.

The flexibility built into Vet2Pet’s features means you can customize your practice app and practice-facing dashboard for your unique needs, so you can create the team and client experiences you want.

Engage your clients

Build client bonds

Keep your practice top of mind, and make client interactions exciting and fun. 

Custom Branding

Unlike other client communication platforms, your Vet2Pet app is branded to your hospital, so clients will search for your practice’s name in the Apple and Google app stores, not the name of your technology company.

“We love that we were able to customize the app. Our brand is very important to us, and it’s well-known in our community. We were able to design the smartphone app icon using our own brand graphics, and name the app with our practice name. Vet2Pet is not cookie-cutter like most apps.” —Jennifer Knudsen, Animal Clinic in Sussex


Loyalty Program

Improve compliance and make it fun to do business with you! This built-in, customizable rewards program allows you to reward clients for the actions you want them to take. 

“The Loyalty Program is a great way for me to see how people are using different products at the clinic, and also to incentivize different things.” — Megan Cloudman, FFCP, FloridaWild Veterinary Hospital

Pet Selfies

It’s simple: The Pet Selfies feature makes clients (and veterinary teams) happy. Everyone loves sharing photos of their pets. With this feature, your clients can share their pet photos with you, and your team can share them on social. 

“We have the pet selfie carousel playing on a big screen, and our clients always ask how their pet can be included. We tell them to download the app and send us a photo. It allows us to connect with them in a more meaningful way.” —Dana Panduro, The Veterinary Hospital

Engage your clients

Communicate efficiently with your clients

Make client communication easy, efficient, and convenient for everyone.

App Chat

Reduce phone calls and elevate the client connection by allowing clients to easily ask a question by starting a chat in the app for anything from, “How late are you open?” to “Should I be worried about my pet?” Chats can include images, videos, and documents, and can be saved to the patient’s medical record. 

“We have had multiple clients tell us that they love the chat feature. It’s truly a game changer!” —Linda Pfughaupt, Southampton Veterinary Clinic


2-Way Texting

When clients prefer text as their method of communication, your team can quickly and easily receive and send SMS text messages directly through your Vet2Pet practice dashboard. And, your main practice phone number can be used for texting, making it easy for clients to remember how to reach you.

“2-Way Texting couldn’t have come at a better time! Our phones recently went down, and this feature saved us!” —Stefanie Miller, Pend Orielle Veterinary Service


Deliver the right messages to the right clients at the right times with these branded, one-way marketing and educational messages. And, with our “family sharing” capability, any family members who have downloaded the app will receive your updates. Some examples include: “It’s the 1st of the month! Did you remember to give your pet’s heartworm preventative?” “Happy holidays! Our hospital will be closed on Friday this week. If you have an emergency, call ABC Emergency Vet at 123-456-7890!” 

“I needed to boost revenue during a slower month, so I did a flash sale for dentals. I sent a push notification through the app and offered 10% off to anyone who called within the next two weeks to schedule a dental. Within an hour, clients were calling, and we got 15 dentals scheduled right away.” —Crista Wallis, DVM, Monticello Animal Hospital

Email Messaging

A Vetsource blind survey of 1,003 pet owners revealed that 98% of pet owners want to hear from their veterinarian via email, but only 54% have received an email from their veterinarian in the past. With Vet2Pet’s Message Center, you can easily reach every client on any device through the Vet2Pet dashboard. Whether you want to send a quick message to one client or send an important announcement to all your clients (even those without the app), your team can easily do it via email, text message, or push notification.

Engage your clients

Improve client experiences

Make it easy and convenient for your clients to do business with you.

Appointment Management

Improve client experiences and reduce phone calls by allowing clients to request, confirm, and cancel appointments directly through your app or via SMS text. You can also set up automated appointment confirmations, saving your team from spending hours on confirmation calls every week. Your appointment confirmations can be customized, including delivery cadence (1–30 days), and channel (SMS text, app notification, or email).

“The appointment request feature provides plenty of fields for the owner to specify when they’d like to come in, which makes scheduling much easier!” —Emily Griffin, Shaffer Animal Hospital


Pharmacy Requests

Take your pharmacy back, increase revenue, and improve client experiences by allowing clients to order prescription refills when and how it’s convenient for them. And, with Vetsource single sign-on and end-to-end facial recognition login through your practice app, shopping your online store for pet products has never been easier. On average, 27% of first-time purchasers come through the practice app according to Vetsource practice data.

Virtual Payment

Whether you’re providing virtual care through the App Chat feature, or you want an easy way to invoice and collect deposits and payments for hospitalized patients, curbside services, prescription refills, and more, Virtual Payment is a convenient and secure way to get paid.

“Virtual Payment has increased our efficiency, especially during surgery discharges. It has also increased security for our clients as they are no longer giving out their card info.” —Sara Karasinski, Arrow Veterinary Clinic

Visit Tracker

Help to put your clients’ minds at ease—and help to reduce incoming phone calls—with the versatile Visit Tracker feature. Clients can scan a QR code to receive more frequent updates on their pet through the app, which is perfect for owners whose pets are undergoing a surgical procedure or are hospitalized. The more frequently clients are updated, the less they worry, and the more closely they bond with your practice. 

“We absolutely love Visit Tracker. Even for clients who are coming into the building, they arrive, they check in while they’re in their car, you don’t have all the dogs and cats interacting in the lobby, it’s quieter at the front desk… I can’t even imagine not having it now.” — Cindy Carney, Briarwood Veterinary Hospital

Engage your clients

Remind your clients

Control when and how you send health service reminders.


Drive compliance and revenue with Vet2Pet’s unique, eye-catching postcard health service reminders. These postcards include a simple message on the back that’s addressed to the patient, not the client, and they can be sent to remind clients of coming-due and past-due health services. Even your most unreachable and unengaged clients can be reached when you set a filter to send postcards to clients without a valid email address on file or without an appointment scheduled. 

“We’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response to our new postcards from Vet2Pet. Clients who changed their email or phone number and fell through the cracks are receiving the postcards, and they’re coming back in. One of our clients even said she puts hers on the fridge for everyone to see!” —Crista Wallis, DVM, Monticello Animal Hospital


2-Way Texting

Have clients who prefer to receive reminders via text message? Send automated reminders and appointment confirmations directly from your practice dashboard to your clients’ smartphones. And, if the client texts back to request an appointment, a conversation will be launched in your practice dashboard, which means one less call your team will need to make. 

“Our team loves Vet2Pet’s custom reminders. We are able to decide what reminders we want to send, as well as when and to whom we want to send them! Thanks to the reminders, we’re seeing an increase in compliance and return visits.” —Lindsay Mamula, DVM, CVPM, CVFT, Owner, Veterinary Center of Parker


The Notifications feature can be used to send health service reminders to clients. And, unlike text and email reminders, notifications will be sent to all family members who have downloaded your app, increasing the chances that someone will act on the reminder and schedule an appointment.

Email Messaging

Vetsource’s blind survey of 1,003 pet owners revealed that 63% of pet owners want to receive reminders from their veterinarian via email. Reinforce your health service reminders sent via postcard, SMS text, or app notification with a message in their inbox. 

Engage your clients

Manage your reputation

You know your practice gets 5 stars, now everyone else will know, too.

Online Reviews

Use your app to boost your online reputation. Clients can share their rating and comments about your service in the app, and you can choose to reward them with a loyalty stamp. And, clients who leave positive reviews will be invited to share their review on the site of your choice: Google, Yelp, or Facebook.

“Just wanted to say how much we LOVE the review feature! We have been regularly getting 5-star reviews.” —LaDawna Lawton, Karing for Kreatures Veterinary Clinic


Post-Visit Surveys

Knowledge is power. Automatically send surveys to clients after their visits so you can stay on top of how your clients feel about their experiences at your hospital, and your team can focus on continually improving and exceeding expectations. Surveys include the Net Promoter Score (NPS) question: “How likely would you be to recommend this business to a friend?” Clients who are most likely to recommend your business, are invited to share their thoughts on the review site of your choice: Google, Yelp, or Facebook. 

“My team is loving the Post-Visit Surveys! I copy and paste the survey responses to a Word document, and hang them in the break room weekly.”—LaDawna Lawton, Karing Kreatures Veterinary Hospital

Vet2pet Support

Receive unparalleled training and support

Vetsource works hard to ensure your team is set up for success with your Vet2Pet client communication platform.

Dedicated Support

The Vetsource Client Engagement team is here to ensure your Vet2Pet client communication platform is everything you need it to be for your practice. From day one, you’ll enjoy support from success coaches, along with instant chat from your practice dashboard, or calls via telephone or Zoom with a support specialist.

“Vet2Pet immediately intrigued me because of their dedication to be ahead of all technology trends, and their understanding of the needs of a modern, fast-paced clinic. When so many of Vet2Pet’s staff have worked in clinics themselves, you know they have your unique needs and pain points in mind! In my experience, it’s rare to have a business relationship, company rep, or consulting relationship that’s this beneficial, knowledgeable, caring, and just plain fun. I couldn’t imagine partnering with any other company!” —Meagan Melliere, Riverstone Animal Hospital


App Academy

Master your app with this powerful online training tool that will guide your entire team to success. Enjoy detailed courses tailored to managers and team members that make learning fun and easy. The Academy also focuses on how to launch and market your program with Vetsource’s turnkey approach. =

“I’ve done a lot of online training for different platforms, and they’ve never been as engaging as Vet2Pet’s App Academy. They make it SO easy to learn.” —Ashley Winton, Paws & Claws Veterinary Hospital

We integrate with many practice management software systems

Vetsource’s client engagement solution is compatible with many of today’s most popular veterinary practice information management systems (PIMS).

  • 123Pet
  • Advantage+
  • Avimark
  • Avimark SQL
  • Clientrax
  • Cornerstone
  • Cornerstone Cloud
  • DaySmart Vet
  • DVM Manager
  • DVMax
  • DVMax SQL
  • Hippo Manager
  • HVMS
  • Idexx Neo
  • Impromed Infinity
  • Instinct
  • IntraVet
  • IntraVet SQL
  • NaVetor
  • Neo
  • Pulse (formerly eVetPractice)
  • Stringsoft
  • VetFM
  • VIA
  • V-Tech Platinum
  • V-Tech Prime


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