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We’re excited to assist with integrating your practice information management system (PIMS)! This is an important step and we need your help to complete the process.

Note: You can use (or continue using) your Home Delivery program before integration is complete.

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SyncVet is our safe, proprietary data tool that connects your practice management software and your Home Delivery program. Watch the video below to learn more about the benefits of SyncVet and schedule your installation today.



Schedule your installation of SyncVet to continue enjoying all the benefits of a secure data connection between your practice management software and your Vetsource® Home Delivery program.

Note: SyncVet cannot connect or reconnect to your server without assistance from the technical contact person.

If you have already installed SyncVet through your services with VetSuccess:

    1. We’ll send you an email to confirm we have requested access from VetSuccess to the data needed for your Home Delivery program.
    2. Vetsource will be granted access to the data.
    3. You’ll receive a final confirmation email from Vetsource when we begin receiving data.
Questions about how Vetsource uses your data? Read our data privacy policy.

After installation

  • A copy of your client and patient list will appear in your Vetsource ScriptRight® database approximately 1 week after the initial installation. Large databases (10,000+ clients) can take up to 2 weeks.
  • If you already have Home Delivery clients in your database, our system will automatically merge matching records.
  • New client and patient updates are copied over every 48-72 hours.

If WriteBack is enabled, the following orders from your Prescription Management service will write into your patient records:

  1. Any prescription item ordered via ScriptRight or through your online store
  2. Includes Rx Nutrition and OTC Drugs used in a treatment plan (such as dietary supplements Denamarin or Dasuquin)

Automatic updates

When your database is integrated for the first time, the following client and patient information is copied into the ScriptRight database:

  1. Client name, address, phone number, and email
  2. Pet name, age, weight, and breed

If you have elected to include WriteBack functionality, you will see prescription info written into associated patient files

Integration will only continuously update the following information in the ScriptRight database:

  1. Complete information for any new client or patient
  2. Pet weight change
  3. Deceased status changes
  4. Client email address

Manual updates

Some updates are not automatic and require your input, including changes to a client’s name, address, and pet name.

Client name or address changes:” that specifies “The following information does not continue to update from your PIMS to your Prescription Management service:


  1. Client name or address changes: Changes in your records do not necessarily reflect your clients’ preferences for receiving mail. Automatic updates to our system could cause shipping delays if the client has not updated their name with the post office or changed residence but not where they prefer to receive packages. It’s imperative that your staff confirm shipping names and addresses prior to submitting an order in ScriptRight. Your clients can also change this information by logging into their e-commerce account or contacting our Pet Owner Care team at (877) 738-4443.
  2. Pet name changes: To comply with federal pharmacy regulations, name changes must be performed manually by a staff member to provide a record that the pet is the same individual. If the pet has existing prescriptions, a new prescription must be written/entered under the new name.

If WriteBack is enabled, the following orders and information do NOT write into your PIMS records when entered or updated in your Prescription Management System:

  1. eConnect or Wedgewood Compounding orders*
  2. The client’s name, phone, email, address, or deceased/inactive status
  3. The patient’s name, breed, sex, birthdate, weight, or deceased/inactive status

* In most or all states, a practice’s Online Pharmacy records count as medical records, and prescriptions or treatments do not necessarily need to be reflected in both your PIMS and your Prescription Management records. WriteBack is first and foremost a convenience for your practice, and not intended to replace medical records requirements. Check with your state’s Veterinary Board for details on their requirements for your PIMS records.

What's next?

Vetsource is here to help your online pharmacy thrive! If you have any questions or want to discuss your goals and strategies, please reach out to our onboarding team at [email protected] or (877) 738-8883.